DC appeals for CSOs to  help curb challenges

21Sep 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
DC appeals for CSOs to  help curb challenges

DODOMA District Commissioner Patrobas Katambi has appealed to various stakeholders in the district, especially Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to help solve social problems facing residents.

DODOMA District Commissioner Patrobas Katambi

He said many  people in the district especially women are facing serious violation of rights and hardly access fair treatment even in the hands of law enforcing organs.

“As we talk now there are women who have been struggling with inheritance cases for a long time in our courts, some even losing of getting their rights” he said, adding that there is need to help such groups of people.

The district commissioner explained that he recently made a close follow-up in one of the cases only to realize that the case was misplaced.

Speaking after receiving a propgrame proposal by the Women Wake Up (WOWAP), aimed at training over 1200 women on leadership, he said there is need for various stakeholders to join hands in solving social problems affecting the public.

He noted that Dodoma city is seriously facing   a lot of social problems, ranging from street children who sniff glue to sex workers, parading themselves in many streets in the city.

Katambi talked of a recent operation in the city where several sex workers were arrested, arraigned in court and finally sent prison, noting that another operation on their customers is coming.

“ We have resolved to carry out operation on men who buy female sex workers since if the market is still there, there will still be prostitutes on the streets”

He called on the Special Seats MP, Fatma Toufique(CCM) and other law makers in the region to support his efforts to clean up the city.

The DC also urged NGOs to help people with disabilities, noting that the group is marginalized and rarely get support. He called on CSOs to desist from using them for personal gains while not helping those they claim to help.

WOWAP is one the NGOs operating in the region, helping spread knowledge on gender and children issues. The organization’s chairperson Toufique assured the DC her CSO is one of such organizations that cannot violate the law.

“We are working to help the government achieve its goals of improving the living conditions for the people” she said.