Christina Shusho urges Tanzanians to dream big, build powerful nation

01Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Christina Shusho urges Tanzanians to dream big, build powerful nation

TANZANIA’s renowned gospel musician, Christina Shusho, has organized a landmark international conference in Dar es Salaam, which will bring renewal to Tanzanians and other nations that will be represented at the meeting.

Christina Shusho

She disclosed the six-day event, titled ‘Eagles Meet International Conference (EMIC)’, is set to start on November 1 and will be powered by inspirational speakers.


She noted there will also be music, thanks giving and the event as well looks forward to what people, nations, can achieve if they fear God, stay in love and work hard.


“In Tanzania, momentum developments are taking place. In the spiritual world, people need to look at this- to thank God, but also pray they get the wisdom so that they can act, do the right things at the right time for posterity of our nation and for individual development,” Christina noted.


The musician is also the president and founder of Dreamers Center Fellowship in Tanzania.


She noted it is her prayers for every single Tanzanian to trust in God and start having big dreams.


To Christina, dreams and visions are extremely important for an individual, family, and country, and they open up doors for blessings.


“I have big dreams for my country, for myself and for the church,” she said.


“President John Joseph Magufuli has shown us the way. Look at the huge infrastructure projects in our country never seen before. It can be done,” she pointed out.

“We must stop feeling small- and dream big. I am talking about everyone, children, adults, leaders and all,” she said.


The gospel superstar’s songs are played all over East and Central Africa, where Kiswahili is a major language.


She noted some of notable gospel icons, who will speak at the conference, include Jeremiah M. Kapotwe (South Africa), the author of a book titled What Do You Do When Trouble Comes?, and Stephen Kato (Uganda), the author of a book titled Man of Destiny.


Kenya’s Bishop Chris Mwashumbe, the founder of River Of Life Centre, is as well among the conference’s speakers.


Christina disclosed Tanzania will be represented by such renowned speakers like Mwalimu Teddy Kwilasa, Bishop Mulenda Omary, and Reverend Joseph Mayala, among others.

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