Moro school to host international music day

01Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Moro school to host international music day

MOROGORO International School (MIS) is expected to host an event, known as international music day, in the region on Saturday.

Some of famous African musicians and their domestic counterparts, including aka Mimi Mars, will serve as judges at a music competition that will take place on the day, the school noted.

The event has been sponsored by KCB Bank, SBC firm through Pepsi brand, Nashera Hotels, Babu Garage Services and Foxes Safari Camps.

Kevin Otwisa, MIS music teacher, disclosed to The Guardian music and arts are presently important.

The school, therefore, feels it is committed to encouraging and nurturing youths’ skills by hosting such an event annually.

"Music and arts are important, the school is committed to empowering both students and the community in the two aspects," he said.

Otwisa mentioned music varieties students are expected to perform in the event as karaoke, rap and drama.

He disclosed talents are identified at school so it is teachers' role to develop them.

The school, has, as a result, opted host the event for the Morogoro community, he noted.

"Our target is to have a fun filled day of music and arts, while bringing out our students’ creativity and confidence through dancing, singing and all kinds of artistic performances on the day,” he noted.

“Our school and community have very talented youths and we are proud to showcase them."

Christiane Manyeye, KCB Bank's Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, said her institution is committed to seeing to it youths value fitness training and playing sports.

A strong nation, she insisted, is built by strong people.

"KCB Bank is eager to support sports not only in Morogoro and its schools but also across the country as the institution, for three years, has been financially backing the Mainland Premier League,” she said.

The MIS has been inviting Morogoro community and local celebrities at the event every year.

Last year, a popular Bongo Flava musician, Espen Sorensen, alias ‘Mzungu Kichaa’, was invited to engage with the students, judge their performances, as well as perform on stage.

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