Tanzania urges both local,foreign investors to invest in dairy sector

05Oct 2019
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Tanzania urges both local,foreign investors to invest in dairy sector

AS part of efforts to add value chain in the dairy industry, the government has welcomed the Sustainable Food Systems Ireland (SFSI) to invest in milk processing to grab internal and external markets.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Livestock and Fisheries, Prof Elisante Ole Gabriel, said that with increased value chain, Tanzania’s milk products can easily penetrate the markets in East Africa Community (EAC) and Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC) market.

“The concentration is now on increasing chain value of our milk produced products so that they penetrate in the EAC and SADC market. We want our livestock keepers and milk processors to produce quality products that can be sold outside the country”, said the PS insisting the government is working to improve investment environment as well as securing markets for locally made goods.

According to Prof Gabriel, Tanzania produces about 2.7 million liters of milk annually.

SFSI director, David Butler said, as international consultancy group, it is specialized in developing long-term relationships across the world to support the development of safe, secure and sustainable value chains in the agriculture and food sectors.

He said it has done well in the meat and milk sector for over 40 years and conduct different programmes in agriculture and livestock sectors to increase their value chain.

Butler who was accompanied by Dr Seamus Crosse from Greenfield International in Ireland also met with experts from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and officials from its institutions where they looked for possible ways of investing in the country’s milk sector.

The government is working to revamp its dairy sector despite the fact that it was facing a number of challenges including poor production due to poor animal husbandry, diseases, and poor genetic potential.

Tanzania is rich in livestock resources with a total of 32.2 million cattle and 2.8 billion kilograms of fish scattered at different Lakes, Rivers and the Indian Ocean, according to Livestock and Fisheries Minister, Luhaga Mpina.

From the 32.2 million cattle, the country is endowed with 20 million goats, 5.5 sheep, 2 million pigs and 636,997 donkeys.

According to data from Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) the livestock sector contributes 7.4 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP) whereby 30 percent of it is from the dairy industry.

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Tanzania has a low level consumption of milk and dairy products which is 45 liters per capita per year, against the recommended 200 liters annually.

The yearly amount of milk produced in Tanzania is 2.4 billion liters but less than 10 percent of the milk produced is processed.

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