RC sends Form V, VI students to get 200,000/- for dorm repairs

05Oct 2019
The Guardian
RC sends Form V, VI students to get 200,000/- for dorm repairs

THE school dormitory fire saga in Chunya District that saw Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila whip students has taken a new twist with all 392 learners in form five and six now suspended.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila.

Chalamila arrived at Kiwanja secondary school again yesterday alongside Chunya District Commissioner Maryprisca Mahundi and gave the students four hours to pack their belongings and leave the school premises.


He said that 26 students who were caught with cell phones on Sunday before fire gutted two dormitories hours later at night must pay 500,000/- each while the remainder 366 will pay 200,000 each. The money will be used to repair the burnt dormitories.

The RC gave the students two weeks to go and look for the money and return on November 18th with deposit slips which will allow them to be accepted back into the institution, while teachers for form five and six have the two weeks to rest.  

Chalamila gave the students one more condition: while the 366 have been directed to come with handwritten letters of commitment never to take part in such acts, the 26 who were caught with phones against the school rules must come with a parent or guardian.

“Because you destroyed the dormitories where you stayed, we have nowhere to keep you. Go back to your parents,” the RC thundered.

But Chalamila had a word of warning for those who might consider not complying with the instructions: that could lead to more problems because if one dares to stay home, his office will see to it that such students are arrested and dealt with accordingly.

“We will come for you with handcuffs, and from today there will be no transfers from this school,” he declared.

Chalamila went further to say that even if a student decides to opt out of government school system and joins a private school that might not be a safe option neither as the government blacklists such students to ensure that they don’t sit Form Six final examinations within the country’s borders.

If all the 366 pay 200,000/- each, the total is 73.2mn/- and if the 26 pay 500,000/- each the total is 13mn/- which bring the grand total to 86.2mn/-.

 DC Mahundi said there will be no relenting and the instructions must be complied with to the letter.  “Failure to comply means losing your right to education,” she emphasized.

On Thursday, the RC arrived at the school, ordered sticks and began whipping the 26 students who were found with phones, an act that was aired on video clip and sent social media platforms abuzz.

Police in Chunya District are holding five students in connection with the fire which gutted two dormitories on Sunday night.

Hours before the fire, the school leadership conducted an abrupt search in the dormitories and found 26 cell phones which were confiscated as holding such phones contravenes school regulations.

The school’s headmaster Elly Mnyarape said on Thursday that the search and confiscation irritated students, who then retaliated by torching the dormitories, apparently.