TRC to faciliate cotton bales transportation

07Oct 2019
The Guardian
TRC to faciliate cotton bales transportation

DIRECTOR General of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) Masanja Kadogosa has said the corporation has facilitated transportation of cotton bales by rail so as to reduce expenses borne by ginneries.

Apart from reducing these costs, he said, rail transport is m ore trusted and also safe as even during the rainy seasons the goods will arrive safely at destination and promised that TRC will put up friendly infrastructure for the task.

Kadogosa said this yesterday when he toured cotton ginneries owned by Alliance Ginnery in Kasoli Ward and NGS Ginnery in Bariadi District in Simiyu Region, and added that apart from transporting cotton, the wananchi are supposed to use the opportunity to better their economic wellbeing in general.

In another development, Kadogosa said the wananchi should think of building meat processing factories so that instead of transporting livestock, they transport meat as Simiyu region is home  for big livestock keepers in the country.

The Simiyu Regional Commissioner Anthony Mtaka said there are huge challenges faced by business people especially in transporting bales of cotton as they are forced to use trucks which carry small loads at huge cost.

On his part.  the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) chairman for Simiyu pegion Enock Yakobo called on the business people to see the importance of rail transport as the service has been brought nearer to them and will assist them in reducing transport cost and loss of their bales of cotton.

He also said the construction of storage facility for bales of cotton at Malampaka should be given priority.

The Registrar of Cooperative Societies in Simiyu Region Ibrahim Kadudu said it was estimated that the region would producve 180 million kilograms of cotton up to September 22 this year, and 148,836,601 kilograms was collected by the cooperatives, and 116,391,208 kilograms has already been transported. He said the cotton that has already been paid for out of that which was transported was 875,166,453 kilograms.

He added that 31,106,818 kilograms of cotton was moved without being paid for, while 32,445,393 kilograms is still in godowns.

Alliance Ginnery manager who is also secretary for cotton buyers association in the country Boaz Ogolla said production has increased which has spurred great demand of trucks for transporting bales of cotton.

He gave an example of Alliance Ginnery which produces 400 bales per day out of which only 200 bales are moved each day, hence with the advent of rail transport the challenge would be eased, as a railway wagon can carry up to 90 bales while a truck carries only 25 bales.