Mchenga seek title retention in Sprite Bball Kings tourney       

08Oct 2019
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Mchenga seek title retention in Sprite Bball Kings tourney       

THE second match of the finals this year's basketball tournament, dubbed 'Sprite Bball Kings', was played at the National Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

Tamaduni basketball team’s players (in green jerseys) and their Mchenga Bball Stars’ counterparts in action during the second game of this year’s finals of a competition, known as ‘Sprite BBall Kings’, at the National Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Sunday. PHOTO: SABATO KASIKA

The competition’s defending champions, Mchenga Bball Stars, registered victory over Tamaduni in the duel to record a second consecutive win over the latter in the five-match finals.

Mchenga Bball Stars notched a resounding 104-89 over Tamaduni and the former need victory in the third match, scheduled for today, to successfully defend the trophy.

The first game of the finals which took place at Don Bosco courts, saw Mchenga Bball Stars grind out a 122-121 victory over Tamaduni.

Should Mchenga Bball Stars win today’s clash, the squad will lift the competition’s trophy for the third year in a row.

Goza Chuma, the tournament’s information officer, noted the third clash of the finals will be played at Don Bosco courts.

Tamaduni have an opportunity to win the duel and put Mchenga Bball Stas’ title celebrations on hold."Should Tamaduni win the clash, the two teams will have to play the fourth match, given a team need to win three duels to win the trophy,” he noted.

“Should Mchenga maintain their winning ways today, they will lift the trophy.”

Chuma disclosed East Africa Television and East Africa Radio are the competition’s hosts.Coca Cola Company sponsors the competition through Sprite brand.

The tournament tipped off in August this year and brought together 42 sides, which locked horns in matches that were played in knockout format.

The 42 sides were trimmed to 16 which made it to the second round of the competition. The tournament later on moved to the quarterfinals, semi-finals and final which pits Tamaduni against Mchenga Bball Stars.

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