Mimi Mars salutes MIS talents at International Music Day       

08Oct 2019
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Mimi Mars salutes MIS talents at International Music Day       

POPULAR Bongo Flava musician, Marianne Mdee, nicknamed Mimi Mars, has hailed music talents which were in view at an event known as International Music Day, organized by Morogoro International School (MIS) last weekend. 

Bongo Flava musician, Marianne Mdee, popularly known as Mimi Mars (standing C), pictured with Morogoro International School (MIS) pupils after the completion of International Music Day, organized by the school in the region last weekend. The KCB Bank, Nashera Hotels and others sponsored the event.

The event, which took place at MIS premises, brought together the region’s community, the school’s pupils, students, and parents.

Mimi Mars was invited as a guest judge to identify outstanding talents in various competitions, singing, dancing, karaoke and lip-syncing.

The performances were varied and had a good turnout of competitors of different age categories. Mimi Mars did the honour of awarding the winners after the show.

She declared Lucy Kiluma, a former student at the school, and Neema Kanju as karaoke champions. The duo’s victory was assessed on the basis of multiple musical aspects that formed their on-stage performance.

“Neema is a gifted singer, songwriter and an avid piano player and Lucy excels at rapping, she writes and performs her own lyrics,” Mimi Mars noted.

"Lucy is an amazing musician in the making who knows how to master the stage, she has good punch in her voice, articulates the words eloquently and has done an amazing performance with her partner.

Sarita Maeda received recognition for her karaoke act that showed her love of music through her confident performance on stage whilst thoroughly enjoying her performance.

Mimi Mars selected Ilapfasha Richard as the winner of the lip-sync category due to the all-round performance the pupil showcased.

Richard, according to the judge, also danced well to the beat and had good use of the stage. She also applauded Richard’s fashion choice and heartfelt singing.

Alarice Sika and Angel Daudi Makuri finished second and third respectively in the lip-sync category.

"They were amazing to watch, they showcased great enthusiasm and had good rhythm…these are the stars of tomorrow,” Mimi Mars added.

In dance category, which turned out to be a thrilling event, Stacey Maria, Lugano Chile and Kengel Wizza emerged as champions for showing great passion, creativity and uniformity in their dance routines.

Ashley Hassan Mkwizo, Zainab Karimjee and Avneet Jabal, who are classmates at the school, finished as runners-up in the category.

The trio had been practicing for the day since August. 

The category’s third position went to Seif Hamis from local community and Saleh Balhaboo, a young artiste who mimicked Michael Jackson.

Saleh showed off his moonwalking skills just like the late King of Pop.

Mimi Mars handed over T-shirts bearing MIS International Music Day logo to the event’s winners.

Everyone who participated in the event showed great determination in showcasing their talents on stage.

Mimi Mars thanked the school for organizing such a great event, which is a celebration of music and the power of music to inspire and bring people together.

She also urged other schools in Tanzania to take up the initiative. She also expressed appreciation to the pupils, students, teachers and the community which was present at the event.

"Playing music changes the way your brain works, when you play it, the music gives balance to the two sides of the brain,” she disclosed to the students.

“Music, as well, rejuvenates your mind so you can study with focus and you might find that you can achieve good grades… music is part of body fitness." 

The Bongo Flava artiste performed three of her favourite songs alongside enthusiastic students.She, as a result, forged a great relationship and bond with the school. She promised to always come back whenever the school needs her for the event.

Richard, a 10-year old pupil at the school, congratulated his school for having the best teachers who are committed to nurturing kids' talents through tireless training in sports, music and dance.

The International Music Day, which takes place every year, celebrates the power of music to change people’s lives.

It is a brilliant initiative that brings people together in a big celebration of music, be it local dance group, a school choir, the staff and student band or one of Tanzania’s prominent musicians.

The event gears towards nurturing music talents and encouraging the region’s youngsters to seek excellence in the profession.

The MIS hosted the fourth edition of the International Music Day, which was backed by KCB Bank, Nashera Hotels, Pepsi, Dragonnaires, Babu Garage, Piras Supermarket, Mr. Price and Foxes Safari camps.

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