Z’bar set to reduce mother-child deaths at birth

09Oct 2019
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Z’bar set to reduce mother-child deaths at birth

THE Zanzibar government is expected to unveil a strategic plan in reducing mother-child deaths at birth because the current death rates are still unbearably high.

Speaking to reporters about the plan, the Zanzibar Deputy Minister for Health, Harusi Suleiman said the plan will reduce mother-child deaths at birth in the country.

He said the plan will proceed in tandem with the launch of Five-year Maternal Health Strategic Plan that will encompass the acquisition of key services including medical equipment and medical personnel.

He said the government aim is to eliminate mother-child deaths at birth by 2023 so as to improve the health of both mother and child in the country. 

He said in addition to other efforts taken by the government, still mother-child deaths at birth is still a big challenge due to some expectant mothers not attending clinic at appointed dates, whilst other continue to give birth at home.

Suleman said statistics show that every year an average of 80 expectant mothers die from complications when giving birth, the situation that has been holding back government efforts.

In another development, the Deputy Minister said in the strategic plan, his ministry will also launch a new ambulance boat that will offer service to expectant mothers to reach at hospitals in time.

He said the boat will make its trips among small islands in Pemba including the island of Gando to ease difficulties faced by expectant mothers.

He added that the boat has cost more than 200m/- to purchase, hence it is imperative it is well used for the purpose intended.

The Coordinator of Maternal Health Wanu Bakari Khamis, called on parents to attend clinic in time to get some understanding in attending to expectant mothers.

He said 2015-18 statistics show that 377 expectant mothers die out of 100,000 births whereas the government’s goal is to reduce that figure down to 130 by 2023.

The strategic plan in reducing mother-child deaths at birth is expected to be officially unveiled at Idrisa Abdulwakil Hall in Kikwajuni, Zanzibar, and will be followed by the launching of the ambulance boat at Verde Maruhubi Hotel beach.

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