Botswana and Namibia to buy 40 tonnes of honey

10Oct 2019
The Guardian
Botswana and Namibia to buy 40 tonnes of honey

TANZANIA has entered into agreement with Botswana and Namibia for sale of 40 tonnes of honey per year. The two countries are members of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

Deputy Minister for natural resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu said during the SADC meeting held in the country in August delegates from the two countries urged Tanzania  to  involve  them  in the honey markets. Tanzania has also secured markets for the commodity in EU countries, in particular Germany.

The minister said  at the weekend when launching 2019 Youths Festival that coincided with the international festival for the protection and developing of cultural activities of four African languages organized by Four Corners Cultural Programme (4CCP).

He said up to now Tanzania has not yet attained in producing 100,000 tons of honey per year as domestic consumption plus the honey that is exported, particularly to China, USA and South Africa is over 200,000 tons.

He added: “When exported one litre of honey costs more than two goats, what is needed is proper packing and must be well strained and here at 4CCP I have seen a very modern straining machinery imported from Norway.”

He said due to growing export needs; the Ministry through Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) has a special unit that will be looking foreign markets for the honey.

Aside from honey being of great commercial value, products from bees can be used as a nutrient and medicine for humans, as 80 per cent of consumers believe honey to have curing effects for various ailments.