Tigo Fiesta 2019 improves business in Sumbawanga

10Oct 2019
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Tigo Fiesta 2019 improves business in Sumbawanga

SUMBAWANGA residents have hailed the ongoing music festival, known as ‘Tigo Fiesta- Saizi Yako’, for bringing business opportunities in the district.

The ‘Tigo Fiesta- Saizi Yako’, is set to take place at Nelson Mandela Stadium in the area.Several artistes that are based in the district are set to perform in the event. 

One of the residents, Deus Mfaume, a taxi driver, disclosed ‘Tigo Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako’ helps him earn a lot of cash in the day.

He said that he will have opportunity to transport people from one place to another during the event.

“We waiting for ‘Tigo Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako’, because we shall doing business during the festival,” he said.Tigo Fiesta is involving many local artistes and is taking place in many regions of the country.

Some of cash raised in the festival is used to fund projects in the society.


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