Moshi Khalsa retain trophy in Nyerere Memorial hockey tourney

15Oct 2019
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Moshi Khalsa retain trophy in Nyerere Memorial hockey tourney

HOSTS Moshi Khalsa confirmed their supremacy in this season’s Nyerere Memorial hockey competition, given they retained the event’s trophy after cruising to 5-0 victory over Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) squad of Dar es Salaam in the final in Kilimanjaro yesterday.

Moshi Khalsa

The winners have in the process laid their hands on the competition’s silverware for the ninth consecutive time.

It took the defending champions barely three minutes of the thrilling, well-attended final which took place at the Sikh Union Complex to find TPDF squad’s back of the net.

Moshi Khalsa thereafter netted four more goals to put the match beyond TPDF squad’s reach.

The clash’s guest of honour, Evelyn Mmary, Moshi East Division Officer, applauded Moshi Khalsa for maintaining their supremacy in the competition.

“I am here to represent Moshi District Commissioner, Kippi Warioba, and on behalf of him I recommend the role played by the Sikh Union Club of Moshi for their good initiative,” she disclosed.

“Apart from commemorating our Farther of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the competition also promotes hockey in the country,” she said.

Sports Secretary of Sikh Union Club of Moshi, Kanwalpal Singh Kalsi, disclosed apart from commemorating the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, this year’s tournament also geared towards commemorating 550th birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikh religion.

He further added that the tournament is organized by the Sikh Union Club of Moshi, in collaboration with Tanzania Hockey association (THA).

He further disclosed 10 teams battled it out in the competition.

The squads are Kilimanjaro’s Moshi Khalsa, Kili Vijana and Moshi School Team, Zanzibar’s

Nyuki and KMKM, TPDF squad from Dar es Salaam, Tanga Stars and Annadil Burhani from Tanga, Arusha Twigas and Black Tigers from Arusha.

In 2018, Moshi Khalsa clinched the tournament’s trophy, thrashing TPDF 3-1 in a pulsating final.

The two squads, once again, renewed their rivalry in this year’s final.

This season’s Nyerere Memorial tournament was staged from last Friday to Monday.