Tigo Fiesta thrills Sumbawanga revelers

16Oct 2019
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Tigo Fiesta thrills Sumbawanga revelers

BONGO Flava artistes thrilled revelers in this year’s music festival, known as ‘Tigo Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako’, which took place at Nelson Mandela Stadium in Sumbawanga District, Rukwa over the weekend.

Bongo Flava musician, Maua Sama, performs with her dancers during a recent edition of an annual music festival, known as Tigo Fiesta, in Iringa.

Thousands of music fans in the district and the surrounding areas were treated to entertaining show the artistes staged in the festival.

The Tigo Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako took place in Sumbawanga with a view to giving the district’s residents entertainment they rarely enjoy.

A host of domestic musicians that had been lined up for the festival staged show, with each of them taking the stage with new style depending on how the musician had prepared for the festival.

Prominent artistes that include Ibrahim Mussa ‘Roma Mkatoliki’, Bonaventura Kibogo ‘Stamina’ and Emmanuel Elibariki ‘Ney wa Mitego’ tpok the stage and entertained the revelers with a series of their well-known songs, winning applause from the revelers.

Said Chege and Heri Samir ‘Mr Blue’ were also in the list of popular artistes that thrilled the revelers with impressive performance, performing old and new songs.

Female artiste Maua Sama also put impressive performance in the ‘Tigo Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako’, singing several songs which sent the music lovers wild.

Popular musicians, namely Barnaba Elias, Joh Makini, Marioo, Jay Melody, Jorii and Badest, as well performed in the festival.

Sumbawanga District Commissioner, Halfan Haule, pointed out the Tigi Fiesta 2019 Saizi Yako helped the area’s youths earn plenty of cash, as they had short term employment.

Haule noted Rukwa residents tremendously benefitted from the festival by, among others, boosting their businesses following the presence of a lot of music followers.

He disclosed: “The Tigo Fiesta has again taken place in my district, the youths have got employment, a section of them have boosted their businesses as a lot of people have come from various areas to enjoy the event.”

“There has been an increase in opportunities in various services that include accommodation, food and transport, therefore we believe the festival will next year continue offering opportunities,” he disclosed.

Sumbawanga Urban Constituency Member Parliament, Aeshi Hilaly, pointed out he had five years ago attempted to use his influence to convince the coordinator the ‘Fursa’ platform, Ruge Mutahaba, who passed away early this year, to include Rukwa in the Tigo Fiesta schedule given the district’s residents and their fellows in neighbouring regions were keen on being part of the event.

He said although he had offered the advice, it was not easy for the festival’s organizers to act on it given they had feared they will get few cash from entrance fee.

The organizers’ fear, though, was put to rest considering there has been huge turnout of music lovers in the Tigo Fiesta every year.

“Rukwa has changed a lot, the area is no longer the one a person had seen in the past, any person who will visit the district will see a lot of changes in people’s lives and development,” he disclosed.

Tigo Tanzania’s Southern Zone Director, Henry Kinabo, pointed out the Tigo Fiesta has been quite unique this season because the participating artistes have been much more creative.

He noted Bongo Flava followers in Sumbawanga and the neighbouring areas were treated to thrilling performance given they enthusiastically cheered at every song that the musicians performed.

He pointed out the Tigo Fiesta has been presenting a variety of opportunities to Tanzanians, which include nurturing up-and-coming artistes.