Zanzibar has improved tax collections: Dr Shein

16Oct 2019
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Zanzibar has improved tax collections: Dr Shein

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said his government is collecting its revenue with great success and that all what it collects is well spent – the government does not have any problems in expenditure.

Zzanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

He said in the last financial year Zanzibar attained 7.1 economic growth and the expectation is to grow up further due to the increase of economic activities in the Isles.

Dr Shein who is also the chairman of Zanzibar Revolutionary Council was speaking on Monday at a meeting with government officials and other leaders at Wawi Cloves Extraction Factory in Wawi Pemba.

Elaborating on government revenue, Dr Shein said when he took office in 2010 the government was collecting 13.5b/- revenue per month whereas currently it collects 65.7b/- per month, and added many of the government commitments are implemented from own sources but called for more efforts to collect more.

He said despite these efforts there are some business people who evade paying tax and stressed that all governments in the world are run through taxes.

Dr Shein also used the occasion to stress the need of paying tax with receipts issued thereon as without receipts the government may lose its due revenue.

On the issue of inflation, Dr Shein said for Zanzibar the rate is low, and added that when he took office the rate was 18 percent and was going day by day and now it is in single-digit, while prices for basic commodities have gone down substantially.

He said even though some business people engage themselves in smuggling, efforts are being made to ensure Zanzibaris live well.

He also emphasized the that there is every reason for Zanzibar to have free medical services including medical examination and called on the Ministry of Health to supervise this and take action against all who may be found to be cheating, and prosecute them under economic sabotage.

Dr Shein used the occasion to explain deliberate efforts by the government to ensure Micheweni District increases its endeavours in ensuring the availability of safe, clean water and promised that by the end of this year in Zanzibar Town and its environs, including Stone Town the water problem will be past history.

He also called on the gathered leaders on the need to listen to people who go to their offices to seek services or with problems because one quality of a good leader is to listen to those he serves.

On the question of corruption he called on the leaders to fight the vice in their work places but also congratulated them for working in harmony.

Dr Shein also talked on government strategies put in place to ensure it implements well its policies including the reduction of their official trips, conducting of seminars, meetings and sitting allowances, and advised them to conduct such gatherings in government halls instead of private hotels.

He also used the event to thank leaders and members of Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) including SMZ leaders for good reception accorded to him,

Dr Shein also congratulated the Minister for Agriculture, Natural resources, Livestock and Fisheries Mmanga Mjengo Mjawiri for ensuring the success of the ongoing World Food Day celebrations at Chamanangwe in Pemba.

On the issue of maintenance of peace he said he was glad CCM is involved in ensuring the country remains peaceful as without peace economic activity would come to a standstill.

Earlier the Minister of State, the President Office and Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Issa Ussi Haji Gavu welcomed the President to talk to the leaders.

On his part, the Minister of State, the President’s Office Regional Administration and Special SMZ Departments Haji Omar Kheir congratulated President Shein for his decision to come to Pemba and talk to the leaders and on their behalf he promised to implement his directives.