PRC: Ongoing rains have taken 11 lives

16Oct 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
PRC: Ongoing rains have taken 11 lives

ELEVEN people have died from the ongoing rains in various areas in Morogoro Region, including children of nine to 16 years.

RPC Wilbroad Mutafungwa

Morogoro Regional Police Commander SACP Wilbroad Mutafungwa said that among the dead were five pupils at Nyachiro Primary School who drowned in Mvuha River in Kibogwa Ward, Matombo Division in Morogoro District.

He said the incident occurred on Saturday around 16.30 hours at Nyachiro village, naming the deceased as Neema Rajabu (10), Latifa Khalid (9) both Std 2 pupils; Munila Khalid (11) of Std 3 and Omary Khalid (14) whose bodies were found.

The body of another pupil, Zanisha Adam (9) of Std 2 is yet to be found and efforts are still going on involving the police and the Fire Brigade to find it.

SACP Mutafungwa said Saidi Rajabu (11) survived with injuries, as after seeing the water level of the river rising he managed to run away, hurting himself while doing so.

Others who died are pupils from Kibwaya Primary School in Mkuyuni Ward, namely  Rajabu Issa (11) and Shabani Msimbe (15), after drowning in a pond of water as they were struggling to swim.

Other pupils who also lost their lives are Karimu Athumani (13) and Hussein Hassan (14) of Ulundo Primary School who drowned swimming in Ngerengere River.

The Morogoro RPC said the incident occurred on October 5 at around 12 noon at Ulundo village, Mikese Ward in Morogoro district.

Another tragic incident occurred on October 13 at Mindu Dam in Morogoro municipality when Jabiru Chris, a fisherman and resident of Manzese, died after falling into the dam as he was fishing.

It is claimed the death is attributed to the canoe from which he was fishing, as it lost balance and started sinking.

RPC Mutafungwa said yet another tragic incident happened on October 6 at around 10.00 in the morning at Kipera, Tungi Ward in Morogoro municipality when Yasin Ally (50) lost his life after falling into a pond of water he was swimming in.

The RPC said that in another development two people, named Ramadhani Mkuku and Frank Daud died at Kilombero Sugar Factory K2 after falling in a pit that receives molasses – a viscous sugarcane byproduct after the refining process at the factory.

He said the incident occurred on Monday when the two were trying to steal the molasses, during which they slipped in and drowned.