six police officer in court after surrendering 8.5m/-corruptibly

18Oct 2019
The Guardian
six police officer in court after surrendering 8.5m/-corruptibly

SIX police officers and an Isakamaliwa Village Executive Officer appeared in court Wednesday this week in Igunga, Tabora Region after they surrendered a total of 8,450,000m/- to the region’s security and defence committee chaired by the Tabora Regional Commissioner Aggrey Mwanri, the money they-

- they allegedly corruptibly obtained from one Ngaka Mataluma, a resident of Isakamilwa Ward in Igunga District.


The seven who were arraigned at Igunga District Court by the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) faced four counts including soliciting and receiving 8m/- were named as ASP Frank Matiku (36), PC Raphael Charles Maloji (39), D/Cpl. Paulo Bushishi Mbingwa (49), PC Lucas Eugene Nyoni (39), PC Lome Laizer (39), CPl Charles Zacharia Masanja (45) and Isakamilwa Village Executive Officer, Edward Stephen Kitenya (42).

Prosecuting, before Igunga District Court Magistrate Lydia Ilunda, an official from PCCB from Nzega District, Mazengo Joseph alleged that the seven accused jointly committed the offence under Section 15(1) and (2) of the PCCB Act No. 11 of 2007.

The PCCB prosecutor further alleged that in the first count committed on Jun e 12 this year at 10.00 in the morning in Isakamaliwa Ward the accused jointly solicited the 8/- payment from Nkende Ngaka Mataluma so that no legal action is taken against Nkende’s father – Ngaka Mataluma (95) for engaging himself as herbalist without licence as well as for being found with a firearm.

In the second count involving soliciting and receiving 8m/- bribe from Mkude Ngaka Mataluma and one Maulidi Hamisi Kapila as inducement they desist from taking legal action against Ngaka Mataluma Fale.

In the third and fourth counts the accused jointly solicited and received 450,000/- bribe from one Jilumba Hamka Habi as an inducement he stops taking legal action for being found with a firearm without permit.

After the charges were read to them all the accused pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourned to November 12, 2019 for mention.

All the accused were released on 8m/- bail with one surety, an Igunga resident.

On August 7 this year before the Security and Defense Committee chaired by the Mbeya RC Aggrey Mwanri the accused jointly surrendered 8,450,000 after admitting taking the money from Ngaka Mataluma.