Over 200,000 children set for vaccination in Kilimanjaro

18Oct 2019
James Lanka
The Guardian
Over 200,000 children set for vaccination in Kilimanjaro

A TOTAL of 223,772 children are expected to get polio, rubella and measles vaccination in Kilimanjaro Region as part of the nationwide campaign that started yesterday and ends on Monday.

Speaking at Pasua health centre in Moshi Municipality during the official launch of the campaign yesterday, the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Dr Anna Mghwira urged parents and guardians to make sure that children aged between nine months to five years get the jabs.

“There are some people with ill perceptions that the said vaccinations have side-effects or health consequences to children in their future lives, and some have associated and termed it a family planning for children in their early stages, but all these are not true, “ she pointed out.

However, Dr. Mghwira warned that, there are many side effects  if a child would not be vaccinated, which also includes one’s death if one would be infected or affected by measles, rubella or polio, just in case you avoid taking a child for vaccination.

His part, the Kilimanjaro Regional Measles and Rubella Vaccination 2019 Campaign Coordinator, Peter Kihamia, who also focuses on preventing Polio explained that, once a child would not be vaccinated, risks of getting different types of sickness like heart problems would not be ruled out, adding that such a child may also get permanent paralysis, pneumonia, malnutrition and cerebral haemorrhage, among others.

“We have a total of 312 centres for the vaccination in all districts of Kilimanjaro region, and we have also a mobile outreach for the remote areas to ensure that all targeted children will be benefited with the vaccination”, Mr Kihamia further explained.

He said the campaign is for new born babies, and those aged five years and below and did not complete earlier vaccination regimen, something which could create a pathway to the outbreak of other contagious diseases.