Simbachawene blames dishonest scrap metal exporters

18Oct 2019
The Guardian
Simbachawene blames dishonest scrap metal exporters

THE Vice-President’s Office yesterday received a report on 38 containers impounded at the Dar es Salaam port early August which blames dishonest traders of exporting assortment of valuable articles in the name of scrap metal and vandalizing national physical infrastructure.

Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment), George Simbachawene.

Receiving the report prepared by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) here, the Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment), George Simbachawene decried the tendency and promised unnamed action against culprits.

“The report has startling revelations in some aspects. For example, it shows dishonest exporters were trying to export unauthorized articles not in the list of their licences, or parts of vandalized vital installations like power cables, heavy sewerage lids and railway tracks. There is even an (unnamed) company that was doing this business without permit.  I have asked NEMC take immediate legal action against the culprits linked to the 38-container scandal based on recommendations in their report,” the minister said.

On August 9, this year, the minister called for a comprehensive report on impounded 38 containers at the port after reports that scrap metal and assortment of valuable articles were being illegally exported to the disadvantage and harm of national economy.

“Unthankful traders who abused licences issued to them by the government and have taken part in sabotaging vital installations will not be allowed to go untouched,” he warned sternly, explaining that scrap metal and toxic waste were needed by local industries and were therefore a key ingredient in promoting the national industrialization drive.

He also announced that local government at grassroots level (serikali za mitaa) will oversee collection of scrap metal and toxic waste by individuals, adding; “from now on no person will collect, store, transport or sell to factories scrap metal or other materials for recycling without ministerial permission.”

Presenting the report, the NEMC Director General, Dr Samuel  Gwamaka said in all cases all culprits ignored filling in form number three that, among other things, wants the exporter to indicate where the materials were obtained from.

The MD  also said exporters will not be allowed to use falsified export documents; they will have to indicate the source of articles listed for export and present a permit from a prospective importing country.