Twenty cheat death as bus catches fire in Shinyanga

19Oct 2019
The Guardian
Twenty cheat death as bus catches fire in Shinyanga

TWENTY passengers yesterday escaped death by a whisker after the bus they were traveling in caught fire at Mhizi ward, Usanda in Shinyanga rural.

Shinyanga Regional Commander (RPC) Richard Abwao

The passengers in a bus Christened  Freys Coach   were traveling from Shinya to Tanga region.

Shinyanga Regional Commander (RPC) Richard Abwao said that the incident occurred at around 12.30am involving a passenger bus with registration number T119 BDY being driven by Msami Atwayi (39).

RPC Abwao cited  mechanical   faults    in the  break system as the cause of the accident.

“Preliminary investigations show that after some  faults in the vehicle’s break system which led to  malfunctioning  which later caused fire. However, passengers teamed up and started to put off  the fire from further spreading something which made it easier for the Fire and Rescue Force to  put  out  the  fire after arriving at the scene of the  accident ,” explained Commander Abwao .

According to him, all passengers were rescued and  there were no injuries.

An  eyewitness  Josephine Charles who was also one of the passengers said that while on the way, they started to notice that there is something unusual going on due to foul smell  coming out from the bus.

“…but we continued with the journey a small car behind us which also noticed the matter informed our driver. The vehicle  then stopped and we were ordered to disembark  from our   bus for our safety and by that time two tires had already caught fire. We started battling the fire by using sand before the Fire and Rescue Force appeared at the scene to put out the fire  ,” he said.

Recently, 40 passengers survived death after Kaprikon bus they were traveling in overturned near the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) in Hai district, Kilimanjaro region.

The bus owner, George Benedict Mberessero, confirmed that the accident happened at 4pm on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 after the driver of the bus, which was traveling from Singida to Moshi, tried to overtake another vehicle carrying cash, which was heading to Arusha.

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