TBS confiscates banned cosmetics from Kariakoo shops

21Oct 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TBS confiscates banned cosmetics from Kariakoo shops

OFFICERS from Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) have conducted an impromptu inspection at cosmetics shops and confiscated 16 types of cosmetics that had been banned for human use.

The banned cosmetics are said to contain poisonous ingredients that are hazardous to those using them.

The inspection was conducted at the weekend at various shops in Kariakoo area in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking to reporters during the inspection, TBS Senior Inspector Eng Donald Manyama said sellers of cosmetics have shown ample cooperation because they produced them as directed.

Asked whether the cosmetics’ entry into the country is contributed by the laxity of control at border posts, Eng Manyama said there is ample control but banned goods enter the country through unauthorized routes, and added that the confiscated stuff will be destroyed.

He added that such operation will not b e confined in Dar es Salaam only, but after the city they will proceed to the regions to remove the banned cosmetics from the shelves.

On the hazards of using such cosmetics, he said they affect the human skin, through corrosion and in case of surgeries to the user, stitching of the skin becomes problematic.

He also said that the cosmetics cause cancer, and added that many people apply to their skins after seeing other users with light skin thinking they are safe.

He said the will continue tom educate to the public to desist from using the banned cosmetics and warned distributors thereof to stop forthwith as in case they are caught legal action will be taken against them, including heavy fines.

Some of the banned cosmetics confiscated by TBS include Corolight, Movate, Coco Pulp, Diproson, Viva White, Carotone, Bronz and Eclair.

Others were Citrolight, Tent Clear, Tender White, Clinic Clear, TCD, Baby Face, Light up, Dermotyl and Top Lemon.

One of the shop owners Rose Joseph advised that the control should be enhanced at border areas as since they become available they are certain to get ready market.