Help end violence against children, parents urged

21Oct 2019
Devota Mwachang'a
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Help end violence against children, parents urged

PARENTS and guardians have been urged to follow up their children’s academic performance as well as behavour so as to end violence against children including child pregnancy.

A call was made by Save the Children Tanzania in collaboration with Oysterbay Police Station and Kinondoni Municipal Council (KMC) at the weekend during a visit to Kigogo secondary school in Dar es Salaam to sensitize students on the violence against children (VAC).

“We’ve learnt that some students are lacking support from their parents/guardians, this is amongst indicators to their failure and inactiveness at school which cause their absenteeism and dropping schools,” said coordinator of Child’s Security and Safety from Save the Children,  Haika Ngowi.

KMC gender and children desk officer Clara Urasa called upon parents/society to put in place effective prevention system and strong strategies which aiming at improving quality services for children who affected by violence.

Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) Halili Katani said childhood sexual, physical and emotional violence all these affect children of all ages, can be done against the child by own relatives in the family. The school child can experience violence at home, school and even on the way while going to or from school.

“Society can call 116 (toll free) the government call for receiving cases on VAC, the call will wake up law enforcers to offer rapidly aid  or come direct to where the incidence happened,” said Katani.

Jane Dotto from Desk of Gender and Children Oysterbay Police asked children who experienced any violence to report the act immediately, despite being threatened by the perpetrator; “We have a privacy room for victim of violence to freely speak…”

A Form One student Irene Kayombo said  students should follow their parents/guardians directives by responsively deny the offers and calls from strangers to avoid violence of unwanted sexual intercourse and coerced sex; which can cause infection related to Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and early pregnancy.

Another student Maziku Shija, asserted: “It is true that girls have been experiencing sexual violence by accepting temptations or against their will; some kidnapped and threatened, but they opt to tell nobody, only suffering quietly”.

Idrissa Banda, “I learnt that the victim of violence should straightaway report to the Police or at the nearby hospital, including MRRH with One Stop Center unit which involves Doctor, Social Welfare Officer and Police officer.”

Iman Adam,  says children experienced the high incidences of sexual violence from people whom they believe and assumed to be safe with, so for the children should not believe in everybody even those seems to be very close to them.

The  school teacher Hassan Madenge students are not well informed about the VAC and how to avoid them, they need more awareness. A certain student happened to report about forcefulness committed against her by relative, the case was handled accordingly; the culprit taken before the law.

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