1.8 billion/- raised to support children from poor families

21Oct 2019
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
1.8 billion/- raised to support children from poor families

AT least 1.8 billion/- has so far been raised to support children from poor families in Tanzania, just as a team of 154 ‘Compassion International’ delegates from Netherlands arrive in Arusha for grueling Muskathlon fundraiser events this week.


That is just for starters because by the end of this week the monetary figure may increase tenfold.

The envoys, many being supporters of Compassion projects in Tanzania jetted here over the weekend ready to make home and cluster visits in Arusha, before participating in the rather challenging Muskathlon events to be staged on the slopes of Mount Meru, the country’s second highest peak.

“We are excited to be in Arusha because for the last two years there have been positive reports from Tanzania regarding the work that Compassion International is doing in the country to support poor families, especially children,” stated one of the ‘Muskathlons,’ who identified himself as Wouter De Vos, upon landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport over the weekend.

The delegates will be spending eight days in Tanzania and during the Muskathlon week they will get first-hand experience of Compassion missions in the country by visiting some of the projects as well as beneficiaries’ homes.

The climax of their visit will entail sporting activities such as cross-country races, bicycle racing and marathon as well as other fun sporting games, all targeting to raise funds for the poor children. The events will be held in Arumeru District next Friday.

Marathons will cover 21 kilometers, 42 kilometers as well as the tough-one of 63 kilometers. The bicycle racing may cover more than 100 kilometers, all being done for the Children.

According to the envoys, children are usually the first and biggest victims of poverty and it is therefore great consolation to understand that the work of Compassion makes a huge difference for them.

The Executive Director of Compassion International Tanzania, Mary Lema revealed here that so far the humanitarian organization has managed to reach out to 100,000 families in the country through 423 projects currently in operational.

“There have been positive achievements and changes for better among children from poor families that get opportunity to attend or stay in school, enjoy medical care support, which often saves lives and are also provided with nourishing food as well as clean water services,” stated  Lema.

Compassion International Tanzania, which marks its 20th Anniversary this year, also extends mentoring and a safe environment for the children and this is done through cooperation with through a local government officials as well as evangelical churches within a particular precinct.

Many of the beneficiary children, that have passed through the hands of Compassion International Tanzania, since when the organization was established here in 1999, have grown to become responsible adults with some initiating even better projects of their own.