WEZA project relieves thousands from poverty trap in Zanzibar

21Oct 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
WEZA project relieves thousands from poverty trap in Zanzibar

THOUSANDS of people in Zanzibar have benefited from a project dubbed: ‘Women Empowerment in Zanzibar (WEZA II)’ thanks to the initiatives made by Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA-Zanzibar) in collaboration with Milele Zanzibar Foundation (MZF).

According to Asha Abdi Makame, acting director for TAMWA-Zanzibar, the project, which is aimed at reducing poverty and improve social justice in the Indian Ocean archipelago was executed in 42 months under funding from MZF.

She said that WEZA II, which is coming to an end was aimed at seeing at least 6,000 women equal to 280 women’s groups living in rural areas mobilized, successfully implementing village savings and loan and contributing to family and community needs.

Makame said that the project was implemented in eight districts in Unguja and Pemba. She said in working closely with women small entrepreneurs,  TAMWA-Zanzibar found that many of them have low capital to engage in profitable agriculture, therefore saw the need to be empowered by giving them credit, business technical know-how and equipment.

“Market was another challenge for small entrepreneurs because they have limited resources for advertisement, for instance most of the time they are unable to participate in trade fair because they are not afford to pay 200,000 for a business booth,” she said.

Through the project, women were advised to minimize cost for women small entrepreneurs for them to participate in such activities that will boost their economic status.

Despite the coming to an end of the project, TAMWA Zanzibar  in collaboration MZF are looking at  the continuation of the WEZA program phase III that focuses on increasing the capacity of producers and enabled them to become more independent and economical viable in 11 Shehia of Unguja North A, South and West.

In Pemba the intervention is in 11 Shehias of Wete, Micheweni na Mkoani.