Form Four graduation reflections focus on studying hard

22Oct 2019
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Form Four graduation reflections focus on studying hard

Students of secondary schools across the country have been urged to increase efforts in their studies so as to be able to join universities and achieve their goals and dreams.

Lecturer and researcher on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Dr. Nestory Yamungu

The remarks were made recently by a lecturer and researcher on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Dr Nestory Yamungu

He said this during a form four graduation at Lilian Kibo High School, located at Goba in Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam on Saturday.

He said students are required to work hard so as to attain competence to do any job well, especially now that the government is focusing on the realization of an industrial economy and a middle income country. The government and the private sector need experts to spearhead sustainable economic development and growth, he said.

Commending teachers for teaching using theory and practicals, he also encouraged youths to build a sense of self-confidence in examinations.

He congratulated the school management for providing healthy food to students, enabling them to perform well in their examinations.

“I would like to congratulate you for reaching this stage of completing your form four studies. This is just the foundation and the journey of further education is just beginning, as you will go to form five and six and then to university. Work hard and learn the English language with determination as it is the language of studies. I take this opportunity to congratulate parents for paying school fees for their children despite hard economic times some of them are facing,” he declared.

He commended the school for allowing students who did not perform well to join their school and teach them thoroughly, to the extent of being competent and performing well in their studies and achieving their goals and dreams.

He also touched the issue of ethics, both for school employees and students, saying ethics is important for students wishing to perform well as they will be able to concentrate on their studies.

“Students of this school are a blessing in the society by having good deeds and observing discipline in their conduct. They should do regular exercises so as to have good health,” he said in advice.

He also cautioned students who did not understand any lesson or subject to go to the teacher privately for further clarifications on things they did not understand well. This will help them to be competent in their subjects and therefore be able to perform well in their examinations.

He advised students that everything has its own time, therefore they will reach a time when they will do what they were anxious to do, as an appropriate moment will come.

The school headmaster congratulated parents for working together with teachers to educate the younger generation despite various challenges. “We thank you for advice and cooperation. We request you to continue with this cooperation. The school is very determined to build discipline for both staff and students. Proper discipline will definitely lead to good performance in their studies.”

Magreth Mella, a form four student who graduated said that the government should be given an opportunity for the youth to develop their talents so as to be able to achieve their goals and dreams in life. This will help them to be successful in life.

“Many children have talents therefore the government, should form groups to tap such talents to enable the youth to achieve their goals and dreams after school, and be successful in life by obtaining such opportunities,” she said.

Gerald Mathias, a teacher who is also academic master in the school, said that he has prepared his students to be ready for final examinations. The students have been doing weekly and monthly examinations so as to build confidence and study constantly so as to perform well in examinations.

He said some of the students, especially newcomers have tendencies of escaping from school, something which is not a norm at the school and therefore they were not attending all classes as required.

Some of the students have talents like music, sports, performance including dancing skills and thus parents should support them to reach their potential and succeed in life, the schoolmaster added.

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