NGO inaugurates nationwide campaign to empower youth

22Oct 2019
James Kandoya
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
NGO inaugurates nationwide campaign to empower youth

A Dar es Salaam based Non-Government Organisation-WanaNdoto yesterday launched a nationwide life style campaign dubbed Kijana Smart which aimed to encourage and help young people to identify challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Kala Jeremiah

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam, the Organisation Executive Director Kala Jeremiah said the campaign targets to empower youths to use their talents and abilities to bring development.

He said the experience had shown that most of the youths fail to realise their goals while waiting for people’s advice even if they have all the resources.

Jeremiah who was the former Bongo Star Search contestant said once youths are empowered they can bring a great development to the country because they are the future nation.

He said there had also been a tendency among youths to migrate from rural to urban areas believing that they can change their lives which according to him is not true.

He said as a result they fall into gangs of criminals, frauds and drug using mobs simply because their expectations and realities did not match.

“We have today launched our campaign, we ask all youths to join the campaign basing on five major criteria set,” he said.

He mentioned some of the criteria as the youths should be patriotic and be ready in the fight against corruption, being on the front on maters related to maternal and child health.

Others are to be in the front line in the fight against new HIV infection by testing and being faithful to one partner and be ready to spread awareness to the public.

In addition, the youths must participate in development activities and fight against poverty.

According to him, the organisation will also be working with women, children and elders calling for other stakeholders to join their efforts in order to realise their dreams.

“Our organisation is ready to work and collaborate with other stakeholders in efforts to bolster youth’s development,” he said.

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