Govt saves 23.5 bn/-annually as national grid connects southern region

04Nov 2019
The Guardian
Govt saves 23.5 bn/-annually as national grid connects southern region

ABOUT 23.5 bn/- is now being saved annually by the state following successful provision of electricity to southern regions from the national grid, the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has said.

TANESCO public relations manager, Leila Muhaji.

TANESCO public relations manager, Leila Muhaji, said in a brief statement to journalists in here yesterday that  diesel generators were no longer used to generate electricity for  users from  Songea, Mbinga, Namtumbo, Madaba and Liwale stations.  She was elaborating on TANESCO’s efforts in implementing a four-year programme for energy provision to the people.

“We have succeeded in taking grid power southern areas.  We have switched off all the diesel generators in our five stations, saving 23.5 billion a year that was spend on buying fuel. We are thrilled by this feat because it is a result of very hard, and in some cases dangerous, work,” the manager said.

According to Muhaji, the money rescued used by the company in its development projects in an effort to powering Tanzania.

TANESCO engineers and other cadres of workers needed support and cooperation from leaders and residents in areas they had to install poles and high tension metal structures across forests, hills, rivers and valleys.

Muhaji said TANESCO was thankful to people and leaders for the cooperation they accorded to TANESCO workers.

In executing the four-year programme, TANESCO also focused on providing power to southern regions as part of its contribution to  the implementation of a national programme that identified six priority areas for strengthened delivery, namely, energy and natural gas, agriculture, water, education, transport and mobilization of resources.  The six priority areas for strengthened delivery were announced in the 2012/13 fiscal year; the year the Big Results Now initiative was launched.

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