RC warns against people engaging in illegal fishing

04Nov 2019
The Guardian
RC warns against people engaging in illegal fishing

KAGERA Regional Commissioner, Brigadier General Marco Gaguti has warned against people engaging in illegal fishing, saying that the government will not spare anyone.

He issued the directive here during the event to destroy various illegal fishing tools worth 1.8bn/- which were seized in various security patrols in Lake Victoria in January, this year.

The Brigadier General urged fishermen to refrain from using illegal tools, which pose a serious threat to fish stock and sustainability.

According to him, illegal fishing should be fought with all efforts and called for authorities, fishermen and the general public to be patriotic in the war.

“We will not spare anyone in this war, stern measures will be taken to all people promoting illegal fishing activities,” he said.

For his part, Gabriel Magene, deputy in Charge for fishery resources management in the region said that the illegal tools have been seized since January this year but they have been destroyed after court ruling that they are illegal.

He mentioned the unlawful fishing nets destroyed as 196 nets for Nile perch (sangara), 19620 nets below six inches, 40 sardine nets, 1880 monofilament and 12000 double nets with 26 inches.

Recently, the Deputy Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Abdallah Ulega said that illegal fishing which was widespread in the country is now almost under control.

“Illegal fishing is now almost over in Tanzania after authorities succeeded in fighting against the deadly dynamite fishing in the country’s waters of the Indian Ocean and great lakes.”

Speaking at a fish market at Kunduchi on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the Dar es Salaam, Ulega said after the government had embarked on stern operations against illegal fishing, it was now evident that the malpractice had been largely controlled.

“There have been no reported incidences of illegal fishing using dynamite explosives this year," the official said.

He said good cooperation between authorities and fishermen was among reasons behind achievements recorded in the fight against illegal fishing.

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