Mbeya needs 109 classrooms for Form One students intake

04Nov 2019
The Guardian
Mbeya needs 109 classrooms for Form One students intake

MBEYA City Council needs a total of 109 classrooms in its secondary schools to cater for all students who passed this year’s Std VII examinations to start Form One lessons in January next year.

Mbeya City Mayor Fr David Mwashilindi

This was announved at the weekend by the Mbeya City Mayor Fr David Mwashilindi during finance Committee meeting for the First Quarter of Financial Year 2019/20 in which he also said the construction of the classrooms is going on well at various levels.

He said the Council’s aim is to ensure all students who passed start Form I lessons without any hindrances due to inadequacy of classrooms or desks.

Mwashilindi said in the past some students used to be late in starting Form I lessons because education officers delayed in students allocations of schools.

He said after receiving the allocations the Council in collaboration with wananchi continued with preparations and it is hoped all children who passed will start Form I as scheduled.

He said they get good cooperation from the wananchi in classroom building and that many have reached roofing stage.

On his part the Ag City Director Oscar Kapinga said 9,200 students had passed and the huge number is due to good cooperation between teachers, parents and the Council.

He said the pass is equivalent to 92 percent and the Council’s aim is to ensure this pass mark is exceeded in the coming years.

He said the Council has set aside 87m/- for the completion of the classrooms to be completed with the wananchi’s assistance before start of lessons in January next year.

And in ensuring the city develops to become the best cities in the world, Kapinga said it has started to implement various development projects which will facelift it – including survey for new plots and modern residential settlements.

He said the have a good plan to make Mbeya a clean city by incorporating the wananchi and that revenue collection has also increased following plugging all loopholes after forming a special committee to oversee revenue collection.

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