ICT expert touts resource allocation back 5G technology for growth

05Nov 2019
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
ICT expert touts resource allocation back 5G technology for growth

AN information communication technology expert has said forward thinking in resource allocation and business decision-making is critical to unleash fifth generation (5G) potential for development ad economic growth.

In a presentation at the 3rd Tanzania Annual ICT Conference held in Dar es Salaam last week, Huawei Technologies’ Senior Consultant for Southern Africa Region, Marius Engelbrecht said 5G technology with its associated service can and will impact on every aspect of business and government.

Engelbrecht said, “This impact can be translated into new jobs and opportunities, lifting citizens out of poverty and allowing them to participate in the economy.  Service innovation and demand are the only way to prove 5G capabilities and not the speed-test,” Engelbrecht said.

He however emphasized that the necessity of getting back to basics, including spectrum planning and forward-thinking business strategy, are essential otherwise 5G will just stay as a simple mantras for the modern world.

“To boost the innovation-driven development at national, organizational and individual level, it is important to plan resources such as spectrum in a future-oriented way so the scattered resource could be integrated and allocated o where there is the most growth potential,” he advised.

He further noted that for the ICT industry, it is also important to keep 5G technology in mind while migrating from 4G in order to make decisions wisely and avoid overlapping investment by integrating requirements for the future 5G networks, e.g. capacity for massive connection, low latency and user experience with high speed, into the current network planning and rolling out.

During the 3rd TAIC which is one of the most important platforms for discussion, networking and raising awareness on the global ICT affairs, business opportunities, knowledge and skills needed to cope with the dynamic digital economy, Huawei was one of the sponsors.

 The TAIC also serves as the platform for participants to discuss on enabling environment aspects for effective use of ICT as an enabling tool towards socio-economic development in Tanzania. The 3rd ICT Conference succeeded the 2nd Annual ICT Professionals Conference held in October 2018 bringing together more than 400 stakeholders from both public and private sector, Small Medium size Enterprises, academia, ICT Entrepreneurs and traders.

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