5 villages increase their awareness,knowledge on climate change impact

06Nov 2019
James Kandoya
The Guardian
5 villages increase their awareness,knowledge on climate change impact

OVER 200 people from five villages in Malinyi District Council, Morogoro region have been trained on awareness programme and knowledge aimed to build their capacity to tame climate changes impacts.

The programme implemented by Lawyer’s Environment Action Team (LEAT) in collaboration Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) under Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA) trained also ward councils, environment and natural forest committees.


TALA coordinator Hana Lupembe informed the Malinyi District Commissioner Mathayo Maselle when presenting the Land Tenure Programme implementation report within the district.

Lupembe said the programme was very important to end land disputes as well as conserving environment for future generation.

The coordinator said the programme sponsored by DANIDA   aimed at envisaging Tanzania sustainable and well managed environment and natural resources for the current and future generation.

“Our programme focused in building their capacity on how to conduct research, to solve, and advocacy on conservation and sustainable supervision of our natural resources as well as environment,”she said

According to her, the knowledge given to committee and land ward councils will enable them to come with correct strategies how to supervise village resources hence increase revenues.

LEAT and TALA has enabled the village’s council to establish and prepare bylaws of supervising and developing their natural resources in five villages namely - Mtimbira,Usangule B,Sofi Mision,Sofi Majiji and  Kiswago.

She however mentioned one of the big challenges as some of the villages going against the land use plan set by the village as a result led to quarrels.

For his part, the Natural Resources Officer in Malinyi district council Ombeni Hingi said 60 per cent of the environment and forests had been destroyed by the human activities including farming especially in the water sources.

Hingi said increased awareness was highly needed to overcome the challenges of environment destruction that rapid increase day to day.

In his remarks, the Malinyi District Commissioner Mathayo Masele warned the people to enter and conduct human activities in the most protected areas.

“We need to protect our environment because Malinyi is a strategic valley that pours its water directly in Kilombero River that by 65 percent feeds  Rufiji River where the Mwalimu Nyerere Hydro power is installed, ”he said

He also urged the village’s land council to work according to the code of ethic to avoid unnecessary quarrels among the villagers.

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