Parliamentarians to grace inauguration of ‘Tanzania ni Taifa Baba’book

07Nov 2019
The Guardian
Parliamentarians to grace inauguration of ‘Tanzania ni Taifa Baba’book

MEMBERS of Parliament, high –profile government officials and other dignitaries are expected to take part in the inauguration ceremony of a book entitled: ‘Tanzania ni Taifa Baba’, the colorful event slated for 10th November this year in capital city.

The 39 pages book, written by Kanisa Halisi la Mungu Baba majors on depicting the blessed manner to which Tanzania has been endowed with key and peculiar things that are not found in any part under the sun.

Giving a press briefing over the event, the church’s Head of Priests, Cleric New Genesis Original said the book comprises with biblical facts to prove that Tanzania is a God’s chosen nation.

“We’re appealing to all Tanzanians, in respective of their religious affiliations to turn out in large number to attend the event, as well as getting copies of the crucial-spiritual book,” he called.

Detailed further, he added that the aim behind the book was to bring to the light of Tanzanians and respective leaders at different levels that Tanzania is the God’s chosen nation, and that it was of prudent for effective utilization of key natural resource the country has been endowed with for the glory of God.

“Many wonders are found in Tanzania, which is a special grace from God. The peace and unity prevails in Tanzania is not the outcome of any human being, but a blessing from God,” he inform.

Apart from richness in rarely found animals, mineral deposits, he added, the fast development pace engineered by President John Magufuli in implementation of multi-billion projects was another indicators that God is in Tanzania.

“Eyes of many nations are now on Tanzania due to many good things that currently continue to happen within the country, which is only a blessing from God,” he added.

He said even scientific researchers have so far proved that skull of the first human being was found in Tanzania, the fact which suggest that  origination of human beings is Tanzania.

“The book is of paramount important in learning and realizing how this nation has been blessed and chosen by God. We’re remaining optimistic that its inauguration will play key role in transforming the minds and attitude of many Tanzanians towards their nation,” he expressed.

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