Organisation pledges to support state fighting against child abuse

07Nov 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Organisation pledges to support state fighting against child abuse

AN international organisation—‘We World’ has vowed to continue supporting the government initiative in the fight against child abuse by providing education to pupils on how to report the cases to responsible authorities.

The initiative which is implemented by the organisation through the established school clubs in primary schools is basically focusing on empowering the students with ability to resist and to report any kind of violence that might happen to them.

Speaking recently during the event to present awards to pupils and teachers  at Buza primary school located in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam, project manager for KITE project at ‘We World’ Nyawaye Gesirari said the project which is in the second phase, is implemented in collaboration with teachers who are focal person, parents and school committees both to improve child protection.

He said the organization has decided to join the fight against child violence in order to help the government plan focusing on ensuring every student is having access to basic education.

According to him, the initiative which implemented through the project dubbed ‘KITE’, involves 10 primary schools, six located Kinondoni district and four in Temeke district, in partnership with Kiota Women Health and Development (KIWOHEDE) specialized for child protection.

The general objective of the project is to ensure access to a safe and quality education environment in Tanzania in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number four and five and the Tanzania Education Sector Development Plan 2016/17 to 2020/21.

The manager said that, the initiative also include Police gender desk, parents, social welfare officers and school committees in order to strengthen the fight for child protection in the country.

The event that was attended by parents, teachers, social welfare officers, was meant to acknowledge the contribution of teachers who manage to uplift the level of school academic by awarding them.

“But also the organization awarded pupils who did well in their performance in order to encourage them to do better,” he said.

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