DC counsels manufacturers in products certification

08Nov 2019
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
DC counsels manufacturers in products certification

KIBONDO District Commissioner Luis Bura has urged producers, processors and traders to use opportunities provided by the government certification agency particularly in education that would enable them to conduct their activities without problems.

Luis Bura

Speaking at the opening of a training seminar organised by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for producers and traders in Kibondo district, he said the education would improve their business.

Bura said such trainings would enable them to produce and sell goods which meet quality requirements.

He said production of different goods is crucial for private sector because it help to increase national income, employment creation and poverty alleviation.

The government intention is to be an industrialised nation by 2025.

He said the district authorities believe that such trainings are the right way to improve productivity and bring economic development of the country, particularly in industries.

Kasulu District Commissioner Simon Anange said most of entrepreneurs form groups without having clear targets, hence do not benefit.

He said the training which involved officials from health department, community development and Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) and other business officers has come at a right time where the government has decided to develop industrial sector.

Anange asked entrepreneurs who are dealing with processing goods to be in groups, invest in land and do their job according to standards requirements.

He said improvement of infrastructures such as roads, rail and aviation would bring more visitors, asking Kasulu residents to use the opportunity.

He also insisted on need for entrepreneurs to be innovative by producing different types of goods.

The DC said production of safe and high quality goods would easier penetration in any market being local, zonal or international.

“War against poverty is our issue, the government need your participation in the efforts, including all private institutions in making sure that Tanzania become and industrialised country,” he  emphasized.

Earlier, TBS Acting director of Quality Assurance, Gervas Kaisi, said the organization understand that the local market has a lot of uncertified products.

He said all products falls under compulsory requirement to be certified by TBS before sent to the market, and going contrary to it contravenes the Standard Act No 2 of the year 2009.

The seminars which were held in Kasulu and Kibondo districts respectively, are part of trainings provided by officials of the Standard Watchdog to entrepreneurs countrywide to impart them with various issues related to standards, registration of premises, processing technology, business registration and education of packaging materials.

Such trainings also enlighten entrepreneurs on food production premises such as hotels, cafes and other areas.

A total of 167 participants took part during the seminars, whereas 73 were from Kasulu district  and 94 from Kibondo district, both in Kigoma region.