Dr Shein calls on ZBC to have solid training plans

08Nov 2019
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Dr Shein calls on ZBC to have solid training plans

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has called on the Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to have solid plans in providing training to their staff so that it performs proficiently.

DR Shein said this yesterday when he was elaborating to ZBC Radio leaders and staff on various issues raised during the meeting held at the Rahaleo Information Department here.

He said it is important for ZBC leadership to have short and long term plans that would enable their staff to get training both from within and outside the country, to enable the corporation have competent human resource to develop it.

He also said the ZBC leadership and the Ministry of information should work together in finding solutions to various challenges that come up from time to time.

He also said there should be efforts in the acquisition of working tools including funds for emoluments and per diems for their staff in field assignments.

DR Shein said the Ministry in collaboration with its institutions must give priority for their needs from all its various units and therefore solve the current budgetary challenges it faces.

He also called on to the Ministry and ZBC to allow without any hindrance staff and other workers who want to be transferred to other government institutions when there is an agreement for that between institutions.

In another development Dr Shein said ZBC is a new state corporation established for the aim improving broadcasting services to spur development.

He also revealed that the main reason for that government to merge radio and television services was to make the workers and staff from both institutions to have close interactions in their duties. 

He said ZBC is similar to other international news organizations such as DW, BBC, Aljazeera in so far as it aims are concerned the only difference is in the financial ability.

However, he said the government has incurred huge costs in establishing – more than 17b/- for purchase of machinery and equipment hence he stressed for the Board and the Ministry to work together to prove the corporation’s worth.

Dr Shein said ZBC still depends on government subsidy in its day to day operations.

Touching on Zanzibar broadcasting history, Dr Shein there are a lot to be proud of especially on the fact that broadcasters from East Africa and other countries came to Zanzibar for training.

Earlier the Principal Secretary of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council Dr Abdulahamid Yahya Mzee, said the government is giving priority to disabled people when there are vacancies.

He called on the disabled to submit their complaints to the government whenever they see employment regulations are bent.

He said the president’s Office (public service) has decided to have a special fund to develop professionally government servants as well as requiring other institutions to do so.

On the issue of workers’ transfers Dr. Abdulahamid said what is needed is an agreement from two institutions and the Chief Secretary is the one to give final decision for the nation’s interest.

On the issue of allowances and per diems he said the government has already set grades for each institution hence every worker is eligible for allowance as per grade in the institution he is working.

On his part the Minister for Information, Culture and Heritage Mahamoud Thabit Kombo called on ZBC sector leaders to find solutions problems that arise and to refer to higher authorities if they are unable to find solutions thereof.

Speaking on the issue of staff training Kombo said steps are being taken with great expectations in arriving at more opportunities in training as well as in increasing the number of technicians who will be trained to augment those currently in service.

Meanwhile the Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr Ali Mohamed Shein had a meeting with leaders and workers of Government Newspapers Corporation

Explaining on various issues raised by nthed workers Dr Shein called for the need of close cooperation between the management of the institution, its Board, the Ministry and the government to find solutions thereof for attainment of efficiency in the institution.

He said staff and other needs must be approved by the Board as well as encouraging workers to develop themselves educationally to satisfy the needs of the institution. He also praised the workers of the institution for developing government owned newspapers.

On his part the Principal Secretary of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council Dr   

Abdulahamid Yahya Mzee called on the leaderd of the institution to work with transparence on the issue of allowances and per diems by adhering to the laid down regulations so as to remove workers’ complaints.

The Minister for Information, Culture and Heritage Mahamoud Thabit Kombo said the existence of classes and groupings among officials reduces the institution’s efficiency, and added that the Ministry has embarked in solving the nagging issue for a lasting solution.

The managing Director of Government Newspapers Yussuf Khamis congratulated for providing the institution with permanent offices.

He added that when President Shein is marking nine years in office, the institution is proud in the establishment of a new paper ‘Zanzibar Mail’ published in the English language.

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