Ministry launches hunting blocks electronic bidding second phase

09Nov 2019
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
Ministry launches hunting blocks electronic bidding second phase

AFTER the successful maiden effort Tanzania is now rolling out the second phase of electronic auctioning for tourist hunting blocks with the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) citing 24 vacant blocks up for grabs.

Imani Nkuwi, the Deputy Commissioner for Tourism and Business Services with TAWA, said that through open online bidding going live 15th of November, values of the 24 hunting blocks will essentially be market driven and determined by buyers who win tenders after the fall of the digital hammer.


“Eligible hunting companies can be allocated up to five hunting blocks each but falling under different categories,” he explained, noting that Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member states permit hunting activities in such precincts.

TAWA is thus inviting bids from qualified applicants for block allocation through electronic auctioning (e-auctioning), he said.

Currently, there are 24 vacant tourist hunting blocks within game reserves, game controlled areas and open areas, all being readily available for e-auctioning, the deputy commissioner affirmed.

Extension has been done on the tenure allocated for holding hunting blocks, which now entails 10 years for those falling under categories 1 and 2, while blocks in category 3 will command an extended duration of 15 years.

Tanzania introduced online auctions for high-class hunting blocks with the first phase of online auction having taken place mid-June, from June 10 to 17 when a total of 26 hunting blocks were sold on the ministry’s portal.

Contributing over 17.5 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), tourism activities in Tanzania rake in nearly US $ 2.5 billion/-.  This annual sum translating to over 5.6 trillion/- is the highest figure in foreign exchange earnings ever recorded, he specified.

When electronic bidding started there were 160 potential hunting blocks but 78 of them had already been occupied and 81 blocks were put on e-auctioning in three phases, the first took phase was in mid-June and the second is coming up next week.

Local trackers through professional hunting associations lauded the government’s move to float the hunting blocks though online auctioning, saying the decision will make bidding more transparent and reveal the actual value of each and every hunting block.

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