PM suspends three TBA directors at building site

19Nov 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
PM suspends three TBA directors at building site

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on Tanzania Building Agency chief executive officer Daud Kondoro to “evaluate” himself over his performance, and has suspended three TBA directors.

“We need TBA but its executives are a problem. We cannot leave them alone. TBA should not be given any more projects to implement because they are not accountable and think that since they are a government institution, they can be left to do shoddy work,” the premier charged.

The PM suspended the three directors yesterday when he visited a construction project at Njedengwa on the outskirts of Dodoma city expected to grow into the National Electoral Commission (NEC) offices.

The directors suspended are acting director in the Building Department, Humphrey Killo; acting projects manager Abdallah Awadh; and acting director in the Advisory Department,   Hamis Kileo.

The PM has taken the step after expressing dissatisfaction with TBA’s performance in various projects it has been given by the government. These include the new NEC building, on which work began in July 2017 and was earmarked for completion by June 2018 at a cost of 13bn/-. The project has stalled, and is far from completed.

While at the NEC project site, the premier inquired as to the reason of the stalling of the project, upon which Killo said that when they starting work they discovered that there were things that were overlooked during the preparation of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

TBA is the one procedurally responsible for preparing the building plan and undertaking the actual construction.

“The original budget was 10bn/- but as the plans were being drawn up the cost went up to 13bn/-, an amount set out in the contract agreement,” the architect stated.

Killo said that when they were continuing with the work, they discovered that some things were overlooked in the BOQ – which increased the cost to 32bn/-.

The PM then asked: “From 13bn/- to 32bn/-? And do you think that is right? And from 10bn/- to 13bn/- then again up to 32bn/-. How can this be explained? And did you agree on this with the owner of the building?”

When Killo was called to explain the rise in costs, he said they discovered the difference when they were at the building site – that there was some work that had to be done and it was not in the agreement and they did not communicate with the one concerned.

He said that the things noticed as overlooked in the project’s BOQ include the absence of the fourth floor in one building unit in the eight-floor complex, and that there was no roof in the building for storing various items for NEC.

The PM would not have any of that and directed Jenista Mhagama, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth, Employment and People with Disabilities) to suspend the contract forthwith and get another contractor for the project.

“The TAMISEMI complex in Dodoma has been built at a cost of 1.7bn/-. What kind of experts are you? Why should you still remain in the institution?” he remarked.

He further ordered that the new contractor must ensure that the project is completed within the next six months.

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