TECC youth entrepreneurs forge partnerships at Riyadh global summit

21Nov 2019
The Guardian
TECC youth entrepreneurs forge partnerships at Riyadh global summit

THREE young businesspersons who attended a global youth entrepreneurship summit held in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh last week have marvelled at partnerships that they forged with peers at the gathering.

Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitive Council’s Communications Officer, Angela Bushaija (2nd L) talking to the three young entrepreneurs upon their arrival at Julius Nyerere International Airport from a global youth summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last week. Others in the photo are: Consesa  Mushi (L); Zeredi Amir (R) and Mfaume Hamsa. Photo courtesy of TECC.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam last week on their arrival back home, the trio who went to the global summit under Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitive Council’s sponsorship said apart from establishing new networks with peers, the also learnt a lot from the gathering.

“We had many speakers at the summit who have succeeded in their businesses globally who gave us new confidence and sense of competitiveness,” said Zeredi Amir, one of the young entrepreneurs who went of the trip.

She said through presentations and panel discussions, they learnt a lot of lessons on international investment and trade that will help champion their growth in the local market. “One of the presenters told us on the importance of financial discipline in managing a business. He emphasised that money earned from a business should be reinvested fir further growth,” Amir said.

Amir said the global market has a variety of opportunities which young local entrepreneurs are yet to know and exploit them hence she will share her acquired knowledge with local peers to ensure they grow together.

Backing Amir observations, Consensa Mushi and Mfaume Hamza said their trip was an important adventure because it exposed them to global young business gurus who are exploiting the international markets.

“This summit allowed us to exchange knowledge and experience with our peers from all over the globe most of whom are already successful entrepreneurs,” said Consensa who further noted that the trio also had an opportunity to network with their global peers.

She marvelled at products and services which were displayed by the youth at the summit’s exhibition as being of high quality and standards which challenged them to also invest heavily in production of quality products.

On his part, Hamza said in general, the world is a market place with plenty of opportunities which young local entrepreneurs need to learn about and exploit. “It was a big lesson to us because young entrepreneurs of our age are already filthy rich out of their businesses,” he said while noting that many young people who attended the summit are company owners and a few own multinational corporations.

“We got confident that age is no barrier to become a filthy rich businessperson,” he added saying he has already forged partnership with peers to advance his gypsum business to international markets.

TECC’s Communication Officer, Angela Bushaija commended the trio for utilising the opportunity given to them well by learning new skills and gaining international business knowledge which will help them prosper locally.

“We only hope to see you grow because you have found new business partners,” Bushaija said noting the TECC will continue investing in young entrepreneurs to spur growth but also help tame unemployment.

Over 6,000 participants from 80 countries attended the Riyadh summit which was organised by Youth Business International which since 2014 has convened the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit.