Tanzania finishes third in Africa Zone Three swimming championships

03Dec 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Tanzania finishes third in Africa Zone Three swimming championships

TANZANIA’s national swimming team has finished third in the Africa Zone Three Championships held in Nairobi, Kenya.

The squad, popularly known as The Tanzanite, fielded 25 swimmers and managed to collect 2, 044.50 points in the championships, which featured nine countries.

Kenya won the title for the first time after collecting 2, 447.50 points and Uganda finished second after garnering 2, 392 points respectively.

The event also saw three Tanzania swimmers, Sydney Hardeman, Romeo Mihaly and Sylvia Caloiaro, emerge as overall winners in their respective age groups.

Sydney scored 130 points for female swimmers aged 11-12. In men’s event, Romeo scored 118 points in the same age category. Sylvia Caloiaro scored 126 points to win the trophy.

The Tanzanite’s female swimmers were ranked second scoring 1,083 points. Kenya’s female swimmers emerged at the top after collecting 1,180 points and Uganda were placed third with 851 points.

In men’s category, Tanzania collected 865.5 points to finish third. Uganda topped the category with 1, 421 points and Kenya took the second place with 1, 143.50 points.

The results show that Republic of South Africa finished fourth with 1, 540 points while Zambia were placed fifth after collecting 1,386 and Burundi settled for the sixth spot with 866 points.

Sudan, who were the defending champions, finished seventh with 812 points and were followed by Djibouti in the eighth spot 105 points and Malawi ended in the last position with 88 points.

Tanzania was represented by 25 swimmers namely Maria Bachmann, Sylvia Caloiaro, Kayla Temba, Sydney Hardeman, Linnet Laiser, Sophia Latiff, Sarah Shariff, Avalon Fischer, Nawal Shebe, Roos Nevelsteen, Eunike Mathayo and Lissa Stanley.

Also in the list were Mischa Ngoashani, Augustine Lucas, Romeo Mihaly, Delhem Rashid, Terry Tarimo, Aaron Akwenda, Singko Steiner, Ethan Alimanya, Sil Kleinveld, Ezra Miller, Ashraf Moez, Nathan Kagoro, and Peter Itatiro.

The team’s manager, Hadija Shebe, commended the swimmers for the best show in the competition which fielded many prominent swimmers in the continent.

Hadija said they planned to have 27 swimmers in the championships, but Collins Saliboko who studies in England and Hilal Hilal who is in Dubai, failed to join the team due to unavoidable reasons.

“As you know some of the prominent swimmers did not compete in the competition due to various reasons. However, we fielded swimmers who were just competing for the first time internationally and good enough, they have done the best,” Hadija said.

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