Regional women soccer leagues need more attention

04Jan 2016
The Guardian
Regional women soccer leagues need more attention

Promotion of women soccer in the country took another important step forward at the end of last year, when the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) announced plans to organise the Women Premier League this year.

It will be the first ever top flight soccer event for women at the domestic level and will be another proof of the national soccer governing body’s determination to uplift the standard of the women game.
The Premier League will serve as platform for domestic female soccer players to exhibit their talents, gain experience and seek to scale great heights in the sport.

We would like to congratulate TFF for coming out with the plan to organise the league, given that women soccer stakeholders in the countries have, for years, been calling for the launching of the initiative.

The league will present TFF with a wider pool of players to select for both national junior and senior women teams.

The federation had, in previous years, been mostly relying on the Dar es Salaam regional women soccer league to identify players for the national women teams.

It is our hope domestic female soccer players will make full use of the league to improve their performance and bolster their chances to secure professional stints in women soccer powerhouses in the world.

TFF has already disclosed it is expected to secure sponsorship for the league and we call on other soccer stakeholders in the country to put their weight behind the league with a view to motivate the participating teams to improve their performance.

With women soccer in the country still struggling to attract reliable sponsorship, the financial backing that the Women Premier League will enjoy will definitely play a vital role in strengthening the women game.

Tanzania’s success in such major international tournaments like the African Women Championship and All Africa Games depends much on the presence of a strong women league in the country.

It should be noted that a successful Women Premier League depends much on the presence of well-organised regional women soccer leagues.

There is, therefore, a need for TFF to ensure regional soccer governing bodies organise strong leagues in their respective areas.

It is obvious regional soccer governing bodies do not have funds to successfully supervise leagues and, for that matter, efforts should be done to ensure the bodies secure financial support for the events.

Well-organised regional women soccer leagues will produce competent outfits that will, then, bring about the much needed competitiveness in the Women Premier League.

A crucial milestone in the development of women soccer in the country was achieved by TFF in 2014, when the national soccer governing body organised the women Taifa Cup tournament.

The event, which was sponsored by Proin Company, brought together combined regional women soccer outfits from across the country.

It is obvious the Women Premier League will have a different approach, as far as the event’s organisation is concerned, but we hope TFF will work hard to ensure the event runs smoothly.

There is no doubt that a high level of competitiveness in the Women Premier League will help TFF get better players for national women teams.

Competitiveness in the domestic top flight women soccer event will, however, not be achieved should there be poorly-organised women soccer league at the regional level.

Special focus, therefore, should be put on the formation of strong women soccer outfits in all regions across the country and accessing financial support for the regional women soccer leagues.

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