Lost farms and demolished houses:

19Aug 2017
Michael Eneza
The Guardian
Lost farms and demolished houses:

WISDOM has some intuitive principles that are scarcely taught in class but are received in various traditions, whether religious or secular, one of which can be said to be the principle of retribution, that there are situations where something happening far back in life appears to come back.

It does so in disguise, looking like a different event and perhaps espousing similar values as what ordinarily noticeable in society, but in actual fact providing answers to things that happened in the past.

And those answers aren’t in the first place matters for classroom learning but a kind of punishment, which all the same could appear as bad luck, turn of events, chance.

The most telling of these instances of fate revisiting different individuals is the way the clean up in government habits and economic regulation as a whole has been taking place, the way it has exercised blindness across loyalties and even personal friendships.

That is why when some well placed individuals are faced with clean up operations and seek for answers in specific loyalties or in changing loyalties in the recent past, that explanation fails to meet with data on precisely the same clean up, why those who remain loyal or identified with the powers that be suffer from the clean up if they happen to be on the wrong side of things. Only that way can that view stand up.

One such event that the talk show media has been playing up is the seizure of farms which are either undeveloped or using a fraction of territory – as some experts say one milk cow of modern types needs 10 acres for sustainable feeding, which is unacceptable in a populous region or district.

In that case there are various angles from which a farm can be seized, not singularly on the basis of absolute lack of investment in that area but also taking into account the gravity of the situation, where the cry for land makes hoarding of uncultivated land unconscionable, to use the terms of recent legislation on unacceptable contracts in minerals, etc. It can also apply to farms.

What however comes to mind is how this situation has boomeranged on firebrand opposition elder activist now in charge of Coastal Zone for the leading opposition party, as pundits have seized on a pronouncement of his when he was prime minister.

He declared at that time that if a businessman wishes to have an easy ride, he ought to be part of the ruling party, which clearly implied that those who make periodic contributions for such purpose stand adrift of potential inconvenience that meets with those standing outside. As the former top level leader now sits in contempt of that old loyalty, it isn’t surprising that the wisdom so cultivated could indeed apply.

While the reversals of farm possessions ordinarily lead to sympathy as everyone knows the vital character of such possessions to one’s aspirations in life and feeling of achievement, here the irony was unmistakable, in which case the reverses of property appeared to be the work of fate.

It was as if judgment was being visited upon the former top government officials on the basis of rules of regulation or intimation of partiality that was clearly underlined in the earlier declaration – though it remains debatable if that was what informed the current changes on his claims to this or that property.

His own explanations in media quizzing here and there was to highlight the presence of such farms, less developed than his own, and even bigger farms elsewhere which he says remained untouched. This evokes sympathy until one returns to the first rule, not quitting…

As if this situation wasn’t ironic enough, the former boss of the former premier would definitely recall that in1997, precisely 20 years so that people can amply notice how divinity works, with precise commemorations by identical actions on the ‘ones who need it the most,’ there was a visit along Kimara or Mbezi in Dar es Salaam.

Then Minister for Works Anna Abdallah refused to join the topmost state official on that visit, after the paramount chieftain had spoken out that ‘there will be no mercy’ in demolishing houses of those who built in road reserves.

It was also said at that time, apparently by the deputy minister who now occupies the same position, that they were paid around 1972, making it but 25 years before the demolitions. Did they remember?

What now comes up is that precisely this insistence on demolition without compensation rules in situations where the government is confronted with people having habitations or businesses along the road.

As irony would have it, there another lady by the same first name who has a house along that area, and who definitely can afford to part with one house or even two, but there may be relatives interested in that house who aren’t perhaps assured of another dwelling place, or one as convenient as the one being demolished.

The demolitions are being conducted in the same spirit that there will be no mercy, but now touching directly on those who declared so at the time.

How important one or two lost farms will in overall incomes schedule of a former premier or losing a house might be to a former first lady is beside the point, as neither will be poorer on that account but those who expected to possess those assets or were already working on them have more than one reason to feel sad.

The point that this sort of spiritual confluence of events makes is that nothing is lost in the spiritual universe, and often times the results of one’s position taking of machinations come back to haunt that person, and perhaps in as significant a fashion as was earlier statement or pronouncement. It means one ought to take care to act justly, lest it rebounds.

While we are it, there are parallels in this rebounding of events in two instances, with an overall tragicomedy of the 2015 nomination run in CCM and what came afterwards, that is, what those who operated the nomination run harvested.

Having prevented one of their own, a kith and kin in ideological and personality terms, they ended up picking a militant, on the consideration that he is a ‘hard worker’ and has been hard at work ruining their interests, clearing the cobwebs upon which empires of sleaze were built, from trips to foreign countries to non-payment of taxes, etc. There is but wailing and gnashing of teeth on what came after December 2015, all by their plots.