Samatta's transfer hitch must be carefully solved

25Jan 2016
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Samatta's transfer hitch must be carefully solved

Ever since he achieved the continental milestone, TP Mazembe striker Mbwana Samatta has been embroiled into transfer complications which are creating a rift with his Lubumbashi-based boss, Moise Katumbi.

Mbwana Samatta

It looks there are silent outsiders who are making interference with his new transfer move, though he has not made it public. This is delicate situation as this ‘egg’ ought to be handled with care; once dropped it will crack and burst to lose its value.

As a testament to his football prodigy, newly crowned African Footballer of The year for Africa-based, Mbwana Samatta has continued to attract more European clubs despite being reported to have signed a pre-contract with Belgian side, Genk.

Samatta who has three more months to run out of his current contract with TP Mazembe, last week flew back to his club as his transfer takes twists and turns every passing day.

TP Mazembe that is capable of paying him above most of what many European countries outside the top five most wealthy league can, are also interested in him.

Last year, while talking to Samatta's manager Jamal Kisongo, he revealed that TP Mazembe had tabled a better offer to extend the striker’s stay at the club. The TP Mazembe is way financially better than what even Genk is offering.

Considering the amount quoted, it takes a steadfast belief and unshakeable faith in one’s ability for Samatta to have turned down the offer. It speaks volumes about Samatta’s quest to play in Europe. He is ready to chase his dream, looking at the bigger picture.

Many Tanzanian players will tell you they aim to play in Europe but hardly show any initiative to achieve that dream. Many are not willing to sacrifice. They easily get confused and abandon their dream when faced with a bundle of Tanzanian shillings neatly organised by club officials. Quickly they ink down their signature and tie themselves to the chaos of Bongo football. Dream abandoned until when it is too late.

Samatta has managed to beat many odds but there is one demon that is threatening to derail his dream. These are ‘insurgents’ who have abruptly surfaced to cash in the advantage and doing all they can to deliberately taint the man who helped him, Moise Katumbi.

These brands of people are going forth and round concocting ridiculous stories that in the end will only serve to put a wedge between Samatta and his boss, Katumbi.

Representatives hurried Samatta into signing a pre-contract with Genk without involving the club. Now that better offers are coming up they are trying to paint the club’s president, Katumbi as a ‘monster’ who is doing everything he can to stop Samatta from achieving his European dream.
Anyone with an idea about football knows France is a better destination for a player who is 24 years old. Samatta is not a youngster, if he were in Belgium would have made sense. But he is 24, a deal in a top five leagues is a better offer even a fool can’t turn down.

The French League is a step closer to the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A than the Belgian League is. That is a fact. Even most Belgium players move to either Holland or France before joining the big four leagues in the world.

Thus, if Katumbi wants to sell Samatta at a French club, what is wrong with that? The argument that he wants a better transaction fee is even laughable. Football is a business, what is wrong with chasing a better financial offer?

It is said Samatta enjoys a godfather relationship with Katumbi, why would his aides risk alienating him from his influential boss? At what cost? I would personally side with Katumbi than Samatta’s representatives who if not careful will do irreparable damage to a symbiotic relationship with TP Mazembe.