Shipping industry stakeholders warns against instability at TPA

20Jan 2016
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Shipping industry stakeholders warns against instability at TPA

SHIPPING industry stakeholders have warned that prolonged instability at Tanzania Ports Authority is undermining the competitiveness of Dar es Salaam port which may lose business to Mombasa and Beira ports.

Transport, Works and Communications Minister, Prof Makame Mbarawa.

Dar es Salaam Corridor Group (DCG) Chief Executive Officer, Eric Kok, Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) CEO, Paul Wallace and EB Maritime Limited Executive Chairman, Emmanuel Mallya warned that continued purging of TPA senior management without replacements derails operations at the country’s ports landlord.

“The multiple changes are not giving any stability in at the port and as everyone is scared of his/her job no decisions can and will be made. TPA has at this stage lost touch with its stakeholders,” Kok said.

He suggested that the government quickly fill vacant positions at TPA and that new management should convene a meeting with stakeholders to present its plans and strategies.

“Commercially we are losing cargo by the day as Sub Sahara Africa already facing a commodity crisis, consequently all ports in Sub Sahara Africa are over capacity,” he noted.

He said many mining companies have closed or reduced production in Zambia and DR Congo which means there is less cargo going out but also less cargo coming in as mining reagents are reduced.

Kok noted that at a time when Dar es Salaam port is getting negative publicity due to TPA senior management officials purging, competitors are taking advantage.

“We need to become very lean, increase our service delivery and take some measures to become more attractive competitive wise,” Kok stressed.

Backing his DCG peer, TICTS’ Wallace said the port is a key national asset which vital to the country’s continued prosperity hence commending the government to clean up corruption within its agencies and departments.
He said the country needs an efficient port which provides a strong and honest platform to get goods to global markets as quickly and as competitively as possible.

“We are now a critical stage in Tanzania`s history and need to cement our national future, especially through expertise and investment in ports and logistics supply chains – we are all buyers and sellers, globalization has hit Tanzania and we need to ensure that cargo moves efficiently, which I turn enhances our economy and ultimately leads to greater prosperity for all,” Wallace noted.

EB Maritime Ltd’s Mallya was equally concerned by the continued instability at TPA which is directly affecting Dar port’s performance. “The management is incomplete with no board in place which means that key decisions are being delayed,” Mallya who served as TPA board members between 2009/12 said.

While commending the government for the cleaning up exercise, Mallya stressed that there is need to speed up the process so that normalcy can be restored and business continue smoothly.

“It was necessary that the government address the problem of loss of revenue at the port by making sure that all dishonest people are removed but then this has to have a time frame,” Mallya who is also board of trustees Chairman of Tanzania Shipping Agents Association argued.

Since last December when Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa first visited the port, President John Pombe Magufuli dismiss TPA board of directors, Director General Awadh Massawe, Tanzania Revenue Authority Commissioner General, Rished Bade and Commissioner of Customs and Excise Tiago Masamaki.

Several directors have also been dismissed by Transport, Works and Communications Minister, Prof Makame Mbarawa over loss of billions of shillings in government revenue

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