Ramaphosa invites Mo to economic advisers’ panel

08Apr 2021
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Ramaphosa invites Mo to economic advisers’ panel

NOTED entrepreneur Mohamed Dewji (popular as Mo Dewji) is now a more sought after person as South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa is picking him as special adviser on economic affairs, an appointment relayed in a statement by Mo’s office.

This indicates that the star of Africa’s youthful dollar billionaire, chief executive of Mohamed Enterprises (T) Ltd (MeTL) was getting brighter with the five years advisory role with President Ramaphosa’s other economic experts. It shows that the Tanzanian businessman is a role model for that country’s indigenous business sector.

The appointment also reflects Dewji’s contribution in regional investment flows that has spurred economic growth in various countries, as MeTL branches put up industries and create jobs in various areas.

President Ramaphosa picked Mo Dewji to serve in his economic advisory panel whose main task is to brainstorm on ways to iron out difficulties facing the leading economy in southern Africa, as it seeks to make further strides in economic growth by attracting domestic and foreign investors. 

Ramaphosa said he he had great faith in Mo Dewji as he would help the country’s efforts to advertise its investment potential in various sectors, helping to woo investors and develop its national economy.  

The economic advisory panel is tasked with advising the4 president and the South African government on how to attract investors, to develop and strengthen the country’s investment environment internally and externally, the letter indicated.

The council is a platform for processing views and reviewing obstacles, seeking to find the best way of improving cooperation between the government and the private sector, various development stakeholders and investment agencies to enable South Africa increase its economic growth and technology pace. 

Following this appointment, Mo Dewji will have the opportunity to attend various meetings inside and outside South Africa involving business people and government officials, with intent to spur economic growth and attract investors.

This will enable Mo Dewji to offer his experience on investment challenges encountered and solutions thereto, and how it can work in South African conditions so that is  economy grows fast.

Mo Dewji has drawn a lot of fame inside and outside the African continent from his investment in various sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, transport and even football sponsorship, heavily investing in Simba Sports Club (SSC) that has this year stolen the limelight in the African Club Championship, before the quarter finals stage starts in earnest.

Forbes Magazine, conducting annual surveys on the rich and powerful, announced Mo Dewji as Africa’s billionaire number 13, with the singular distinction that he is the most youthful of the top group.

The businessman said he aims to widen Tanzania’s employment opportunities by providing 100,000 jobs in the next few years, the magazine had indicated.

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