2021's gospel music festival pushed back  

04Sep 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
2021's gospel music festival pushed back  

​​​​​​​THIS year's gospel music festival, which had been set to take place at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam on October 31, has been pushed back.

Msama Promotions' Director, Alex Msama (C), speaks to reporters in Dar es Salaam mid this week when the official made this year's gospel music festival's date change public. He has have been flanked by a section of artists that will perform at the festival. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

Originally the festival, organized by Msama Promotion, was to be held on October 3, with various prominent gospel artists including Upendo Nkone performing.

Speaking to reporters in the city mid this week, Msama said the organizers have changed the date due to various reasons including health issues.

"Fans should be ready, as we have organized ourselves well and various popular artists will sing live," Msama noted.

He said the high-profile gospel music festival will go hand in hand with praying for the nation and giving thanks to God.

He added that Tanzanians and neighbouring countries' people, who love and follow the festival, should expect to witness the wonders and blessings of gospel songs that will be performed on the day of the festival.

Msama maintained Tanzanian gospel music fanatics and their fellows in countries within the East Africa region will be treated to the most glorious entertainment.

"This season's festival stands to be well organized, as it will be carrying an exhibition of gospel music that will be accompanied by special thanks to God, attendants will pray for the country to rise safely in this tragedy of COVID 19," the official disclosed.

Msama said his committee will strive to bring the genre's prominent musicians according to the festival's worth.

The official pointed out he hopes the event will have a different impact, as compared to the previous ones, and urged lovers of gospel music to be ready to receive God's blessings.

Msama, through his company, Msama Promotions, has contributed significantly to the growth of gospel music in the country through the firm's innovation to coordinate genre's events, ranging from the Easter Festival to the launch of the works of various gospel singers.

Msama Promotions' efforts have made gospel music so popular in and out of Tanzania that the genre has created employment for talented young artists ready to serve God via music.