African Lyon to scout talent

01Jul 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
African Lyon to scout talent

MAINLAND premier league’s newly promoted side African Lyon yesterday joined a partnership with Choice FM to search, develop promote and brand new football talent in the country.

African Lyon FC

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, African Lyon chairperson Rahim Zamunda said under the partnership his side’s task will be identifying talent, training and exposing the players while Choice FM will be responsible at promoting, supporting and branding the players.

He said the aim is to see that in the country produce at least five star players who can play in top European leagues.

“For the country to develop in football we need to have proper structures we need to have our football model and design, we must start identifying talents from kindergarten not secondary schools as it is the case now. I believe if we will do this in the coming years we can produce stars who can play in top European leagues” he said.

He said they will start the football talent search later this year in Temeke district.

The African Lyon official said they will use former football players based in Temeke district to scout players, but they will undergo a course which will be organised by scouts from Portugal.

“Mid next month scouts from Portugal will be in the country to train our former players on basics of scouting, there is more to scouting and after that the locals will start the process”, he said.

Zamunda assured that the identified players after undergoing intensive trainings both locally and internationally will play in top European leagues as his team has many connections and also are in partnership big clubs and sports marketing firms.

“Football has no shortcuts, we will train the players, expose them and as you know African Lyon has good connections with top European leagues, we will use that to send them to Europe so that they can shape their skills”, he said.

On his remarks Antonio Nugaz who is the Choice FM programs manager said the partnership will help to brand the young players and improve their soccer.

He said his company will also be involved in promoting companies and organizations that will support African Lyon in the football talent program.

“We hope this is good as African Lyon will give the youngsters the platform to expose their talents while we will be there to brand them to be stars.

In today’s world stars are branded from young age, that is what Brazil did to Neymar, he is now world superstar and England are also doing the same by promoting and branding Rashford”, he said.