All is well that ends well: Why it rightly summarises Sven Vandenbroek

12Jan 2021
Michael Eneza
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
All is well that ends well: Why it rightly summarises Sven Vandenbroek

DAR ES SALAAM soccer fans and media pundits were awash with guesswork on the reasons and, more significantly, the circumstances of the departure of the amiable Simba SC head coach, Sven Vandenbroek, with plenty of disputation on how he actually left.

Sven Vandenbroeck

The point of departure of this confusion was the club itself, as it appeared to say he just decided on his own to leave, and the coach saw no use of igniting a war of words on the issue, as it was the case when Yanga lost their head coach not so long ago.

But here the club had plenty to say on why they had to sack him for racist comments, but he said he was leaving.

As could easily be expected, Yanga fans have been trying to milk by the ton this departure, explaining it as due to Simba methods and some unclear drawbacks at the level of club organization – that is, those which would be lacking in a more organized clubhouse, assuming Jangwani Street club provides an example.

The reality however is that the two situations are quite similar, even if the specific incidents are fairly different or detached from one another, since the problem comes down to the same thing, a perceived lack of professionalism in how the coach relates to fans and officials. It is due to this that Sven seemingly fled.

There is at least one rational circumstance that is possible amidst all sorts of accusations – assuming that the coach knew more or less correctly what sort of football culture to expect in Tanzania or other African country he might decide to pick a more on