Amateur boxers locked out of Olympic qualifier

10Mar 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Amateur boxers locked out of Olympic qualifier

BOXING Federation (BFT) says it has failed to secured sufficient funds needed to send ten boxers to Cameroon for the Africa Olympic qualifying event slated for March 11-19 in Yaoundé.

BFT secretary general Mashaga Makore

BFT secretary general Mashaga Makore said the federation with support from the government communicated to various companies and organisations looking for money but they failed to get any help.

He said due to this the only hope for the country to send its boxers to Brazil Olympics is through universality (wild) card place which he said in most cases can not exceed two slots.

“We did all what we could, we involved the government in the search for money so that we can send our boxers to Cameroon to compete at the championships which will also be used as qualifiers for the Olympic Games, but we have failed, our hope now is on universality”, he said.

He blamed the corperate world in the country saying they have been sloppy in their support for amateur boxing.
The BFT official said he believes the sport has a bright future despite the negligence on the part of the corperate world.

“Everyone knows that the government has other priorities, I think the corperate world should have been supporting sports , but that is not the case here …………..we keep on hoping mybe next time they will see the importance’s of working with us”, he said.

Mashaga said BFT does not always rely on the corperate world to pursue some of its development agenda, adding that, ‘there has been a number of times that we have raised our own resources to finance the activities of the national team”, he said.