Artistes urged to feature in Jama Festival

09Sep 2019
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Artistes urged to feature in Jama Festival

THE Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has appealed to Tanzania’s artists, who will feature in the Jama East Africa festival, to prepare well for the event in an effort to make the most of it.

Visual artist, Safina Kimbokota, one of the organizers of an art exhibition aiming at celebrating domestic female visual artists, held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Dar es Salaam early this year, showcase her work in a recent event in the city.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Constantine Kanyasu issued the comments when he spoke on the festival which targets to promote the country’s tourist sites and culture.

Kanyasu pointed out the Jama festival is a big event and will tremendously benefit Tanzania and, for that matter, artists should prepare well for it.

He was adamant the artists should target to showcase their potential and should for that matter not take the festival lightly.

"I call on artists to prepare well for the event. We want to see to it our country excels in the event," he disclosed.

He noted the festival has been slated for September 21 to September 29.

He disclosed a month long Urithi festival, which also gears towards promoting tourist sites located in regions across the country, will take place after the completion of the Jama festival.

He added the festival will start in Dar es Salaam and will later take place in the regions to promote tourism.

He further asked the regions to make the most of arts and cultural heritage available in the areas to boost tourism.

He said the move will play crucial role in improving the number of tourists that will visit the sites.

"I ask the regions to use arts to promote tourist sites in their respective areas, this will boost government revenue,” he noted.

He disclosed tourists will likely extend their stay in the regions if they will have detailed information on tourist sites that are located in the areas.

He noted there is no reason for regions to take the Jama festival lightly and they should thus make the most of the festival to showcase tourist sites.