Azam FC forward opens up misunderstanding with Spanish outfit  

15Jan 2022
Nassir Nchimbi
The Guardian
Azam FC forward opens up misunderstanding with Spanish outfit  

​​​​​​​AZAM FC striker, Shaaban Chilunda, is still embroiled in controversy with the Spanish club, Tenerife, saying his former club's leaders were the ones who ruined the deal for two outfits that needed him.

Azam FC attacker, Shaaban Chilunda. PHOTO: COURTESY OF AZAM FC

Chilunda said that after things went awry in Spain he received offers from two sides in Egypt.

The forward pointed out Ghazl El-Mahalla SC based in El Mahalla El Kubra, which has Tanzanian midfielder Himid Mao, is one of the clubs that needed him.

He said the situation between him and his former employers forced him to terminate his contract with the outfit.

He disclosed that he sent his complaint to the world football governing body (FIFA) for help in getting a letter of resignation.

He said that he was ready to give up the money he was claiming and that the only thing he was fighting for was a release letter, which could have cleared him to play for on one of the two sides.

The attacker revealed: "I told them to just give me a letter. I thought it best to look for life elsewhere but I could not leave without being cleared to leave the club.''

"That's what made me go to FIFA to see how they can help me because at first I just wanted a letter confirming my release but later the club found out that I had found an outfit somewhere, they sought to ruin plans.''

"When I saw that they had ruined me I went back to FIFA to file a claim for my entitlements, I have not been paid yet but I believe I will be paid because it is my right.''

''In fact, the situation affected me psychologically so I decided to return home to rest my mind,'' he said.

He said after arriving home Azam FC was the only club he saw fit to turn out for.

Te footballer pointed out: "I have been raised by this team, it is the team of my life and I know it well so I have not seen where to go beyond here while I wait for other offers.''

"I believe I will be able to play professional football again, I did not give up on that, one of the outfits that gave me that offer is the one that Mao plays for and I was completely ready to play football there," he said.

Chilunda said with the help of his teammates he believes they will help Azam FC get good results and become a better team even though their current results are not pleasing.

The 23-year-old Azam FC youth academy graduate returned to the senior team from the Moroccan club, Moghreb Tétouan, during the mini transfer window.

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