Azam lose interest in poached players

23Jun 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Azam lose interest in poached players

AZAM FC plans to replenish its senior team from an inventory of home-grown talented players in an effort to do away with poaching, the club’s spokesman Jaffer Idd has confirmed.

The ice-cream makers side that won promotion into the Mainland premiership berth in 2008/9, has found the habit of poaching players from the domestic market as unreliable due to lack of commitment shown by ‘poached’ players.

The domestic- poached players have been found to differ in the degree of commitment as contrasted to those who have been scouted and then developed through the club’s resources.

Players like talismanic John Bocco, Farid Musa and Aishi Manula to mention a few, have been observed as highly potential in terms of their commitment to their team. Bocco who is the skipper of the team has been continuing to feature for the club with increased frequency and high level commitment since promotion.

‘The poached players are not wholeheartedly playing for the interest of the club beside their own, hence have questionable discipline’, said Idd.

Azam will start offloading the ‘poached players’ and implement the plan even if it will cost the club to breach contracts. There is a heap of players who have been poached from the domestic football market contracted to the club at the moment.

Five foreign players are expected to be recruited by the club for the new season. Other foreign players who will certainly not survive the purge include Burundi striker Didier Kavumbagu whose contract has come to an end, Kenyan Allan Wanga and Rwandan Jean Baptise Mugiraneza.

Poached players who will possibly tolerated up to the end of their contracts include goalkeeper Ivo Mapunda and striker Ramadhan Singano. Their contracts will possibly not renewed. It is not exactly known whether defender Shomari Kapombe will survive the purge owing to his deep and rare commitment.

However, this plan does not include those ‘poached’ from outside the country who have shown strong commitment and maintain professionalism. These are Ivorian duo of centreback Paschal Wawa and striker Kipre Tcheche who will be retained.

Unlike most of the Mainland premiership teams, Azam have a fleet of players categorised in ages and they are used to fill gaps of ageing ones in the senior team line-up.

Azam that used to be under coach John Stewart Hall up to the end of the previous season, lost title chase grip in the closing stages of the premiership to finish runners-up for the second season in a row.